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  • Ms. Jack Jacob Baldy Dodge VD Ms. Jack Jacob Baldy Dodge VD Jan 12, 2013 12:17 Flag

    Tilton .... ?

    Are you still around?

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    • Depends on who wants to know

    • Most posters have left, especially on the Arsenal board, there's only really John left, apart from the idiots.

      Slayer is still about, still a prick, he calls himself Jeeroopoldinho, or something.

      The United board is the same, so many idiots, made worse when the ignore feature stopped working.

      I love the far East myself, thinking of retiring there, maybe next year, I'm going to look into buying something on Gili Trawangan, a bar maybe..

      I'm off to Lombok next month, gonna climb Mount Rinjani whilst the legs are still working, I've had three operations on the knees so far, endoscopies.

      I was thinking of Thailand, my mate has a gym in Ranong, but I like more touristy places, there's more to do, and more money to be earned.

      Ko Phangan was a possibility, but that's been ruined now by years of the full moon parties, now it's drugs and crime gangs, a British tourist was shot dead there a few weeks ago, caught in the crossfire.

      I'm sweating my bollocks off here, gone midnight and it's 32°C, there must be a storm on the way, I hope I don't have to sleep with the air-conditioning on, I hate it.

      That's if I go to bed, the bloody United/Fulham game is on at 3:30am, too late to stay up, too early to get up, luckily it's Sunday tomorrow!

    • I'll say this, Butch, for all our faults, we are still here trying to make a thread occasionally when others are long gone.

      I thought you already had a backpackers shack in Thailand ?...I'm actually considering visiting Oz , possibly Melbourne this year, and taking in a few sights and bars... I think it was you that was telling me that the Japs made a landing in Oz during WWII, then cleared off again ?..like to know more about that.

      I'l drop in on the Arse board and take a look. 'Jeeroopoldinho' eh...hmmmm ...tempting to have yet another dig and wind him up...I remember him emailing me asking for me to hear his point of view and that you were as close to Stalins re-incarnation as someone could possibly get...idiot..but I dont think I could sustain the time I used to put in anymore. The goverment have made it all a little more difficult in my line of work , we all have to multi task more, and the inevitable workload is piling up.....hope Theresa May is proud of herself, but thats another issue.

      My lot as you may have noticed are sinking without trace after the heady days of two years ago, winning the League Cup and a 9th place finish in the Premiership...what went wront,? We sold out to the Chinesee mafia I think, money being laundered by the owners and we are sinking like brick...Shame really, this club has been my life for so many years , yet we get sold sown the river by a Porn king and a Chinese Conman.....

    • You pair of fuskcers are like oil and water so watch out. You're right about the Yahoo boards, Butch, you went through them with a sweeping brush.

    • Afternoon Alan....Nice to see some of the old school are still around..

    • Never been away, mate, still stick a comment on here and there, especially the Leeds board---good lads on there. The Hammers went the journey and their own board. Never understood why they never really accepted me, got p--ssed off with it in the end. Thinks it's the geographical fear factor.

    • Ive been away Alan...went down to London to look after the athletes in the Olympics for a while...doing the same job, I dont use this site much these day's, all the old crowd had gone or got deleted. Ive had a few squabbles with alot as have most of us, but at the end of the day its only words on a screen, so what's it matter.

      The Hammers lot. Thats a bit tribal there. Most are ex ICF and under 5's crew, and now getting old as we all are. I got accepted following a mammoth fight with Huggy, who then became a mate..and now who's now moved on to who knows where,and of course my Birmingham roots were a feature in the old days with them too...especially after Feb 23rd 1983 I think it was...Blues v Hammers at St Andrews FA Cup 5th round...we all gained respect after that match. I still speak to Irons and Gibbo, Soppy and Bobby..Mel too.. so I'll pass on your regards. I thought you got accepted so I dont know why you felt like that...

      Butch here ?. well its common knowledge we fought like dogs for a while, but he also is a damn good poster (IMO) when he wasnt arguing with most... I take as I find, and let bygones be bygones.....seems a shame somethings that were said and done, but that happens and in the past (to me) now.

      Leeds board. Yes I agree. a fine bunch, akin to the original Hammers board. I think apart from Andy, and Bats...most have gone from there too now...unless I'm mistaken. It was actually on the Leeds board that Howy and myself first crossed swords. He came on following Leed relegation to the 2nd division, and threw his weight around. He soon quietened down though and was accepted. Just why it all went tits up with him in the end was always a mystery to me, as I didnt say nothing to deliberately annoy him...well untill he started on me that was...then that was that...still enjoyed it though, especially when we occupied the Sheff U board, ......but you know, its great to be a child again for a while..

      Wonder what happened to old Howy....Stevebluenose reckoned he got locked up in Dubai when he went over there to work for a while...Im not so sure. I think he got deleted. Pity. I liked old Howy despite his Yorkshire accent.

      Dunno whether Ill come on as much as I used to again...maybe I will if others do, but its going to be hard to see alot coming back again.

      Up the Pools...and Hull !!.


    • Looks like someones decided to start deleting my posts again.....

      No ..I dont think its Butch...have a good idea who it is though.

      Little things etc ............