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  • Gordon Simpson Gordon Simpson Feb 15, 2006 04:25 Flag

    This club belongs at the top of English football.

    Bad business management is the problem - nothing new for the club.
    We had crowds 80% of the Prem would cry for while in the "3rd" division and the loyalty of the fans is legondary - we bleed blue from birth - just like pompey fans. Problem is, all that gate money doesn't go to putting the right players on the pitch to get us back to the top - it goes to paying off the last attack of stupidity and resulting debt - of course we did the same thing in the 70s, 80s and 90s which is why we yoyo.
    The current Boss has a similar style to those who've dug us out of the pile before, so I think we can stay up and then move on over the next few seasons. But when we do get back where we belong, I hope that someone with a football and a business brain is controlling the board. Failing that I'll settle for deep pockets.

    Good luck with the rest of the season - I think we'll both need it.

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    • What is wrong at Hillsborough. Season aftyer season we struggle against relegation (except promotion to the championship of course - and beatinbg United!). We have an exceptional number of injuries. Is there something wrong with the training programmes in use or are the players just not fit enough? The training programmes must be risky if Brian laws is saying he daren't train players in case they pick up any more injuries!