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  • Im studying for an A-Level Sociology coursework piece, the attitude of football fans towards the question "Do you find the use of bad language or inciting behaviour at football matches, more or less acceptable than in your day-to-day life?" Any feedback would be much appreciated, especially if you give reasons for your answer. Thanks, Rach X

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    • a really interesting question!

      from my own experience, i was always the perfect student at school, quiet, polite, diligant, never spoke out of turn etc... apart from when i was involved in competitive sports! it's still the same now, people often can't believe how passionate and... well, some people might call it dirty, i think of it more as... committed ;) .. i am when on a football pitch as opposed to "normal" life!

      now, i'm a primary school teacher and i would never accept any form of bad language or inconsiderate behaviour in my classroom from my children. however, if i'm taking them for football club, or coaching the team (i'm FA qualified), if one of the players lets slip with a swear, or gets a bit fiery, i'll definitely understand their motivations more and go a little easier on them. usually, it's just a case of "heyyy... i know you're riled, and it's football, but..."

      so... bad language in football? as a player, as long as it's never at the ref, fair enough. as a fan, it's the opportunity to safely unleash a part of myself which is often hidden... that, and the fact that the ref is clearly bent and our team was robbed ;)

    • Bad language on and off the field and in general day to day life is what I would call 'the norm' and if anyone believes that this could be stopped is deluding themselves. Swearing is a part of general life, fact.

      Inciting behaviour is something that is not acceptable in any form either on or off the pitch and in day to day life.

      Football cannot excuse itself from such attitudes based on the premise that it is inside a ground and is totally different from 'real life'. Footballers should certainly set a high standard of morale behaviour because of the high profile lives that they lead.

      Swearing is one thing but, inciting others to react to such events is another.

    • if you were present against sunderland last saturday you would have seen a fine example of exemplery behaviour from over 6000 fanatical visiting fans.

    • swearing and insulting is part of the appeal of football. getting a few frustrations out by shouting and singing helps relieve another week of tedium at work. Football has always been the game of the common people and therefore when your team wins you're overjoyed and de-stressed but when you lose you'll be shouting and urging your players on while shouting at refs/opponents/linesmen etc, but either way you're getting it all out of your system.

      I don't think bad behaviour should be encouraged, but it should be tolerated.

    • personally i would say itis more acceptable because having a good crowd will increase the players morale knowing they have a strong following and will play to there best abilaty to please the crowd
      hope this is of any help to your studys
      yours sincerly jamie