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  • Blimey Zal...I'm not sure what you are saying, but that sounds impressive.....Im not calling YOU Blades anything, Piggies , well if the cap fits mate, but in the meantime, wind it in , this isn't your argument, take it up with your board owner, howy, he who tells you and all others what you can post and cannot post.

    As I said before, I come in peace, Zal, but I will continue to humiliate howy, while he continues to leave himself wide open and punch above his weight, so take it or leave it. Don't mean to be funny with you, but decide where you stand son.

    You are coming up in May and we are going down? ? You may have the first part right, I don't know, but we are going down ? Behave yourself. Even that numpty howy isn't that thick to predict anything so stupid....well maybe he is, but that aint gonna happen is it.

    Barnsley ??? Who played Barnsley ?? You are on about this season aren't you? This is the planet Earth, Zal....beam me up !