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  • Well its coming up to the big season kick off against burnley and pre season games have been positive. Some good wins in holland and plenty of goals coming from the owls. Was at hillsborough today and watched the game against wigan (what a shower of #$%$ they are for a premier league team) when they come up against the likes of chelsea and man utd in the next couple of weeks all i can say is on todays show they are gonna get hammered. I have seen more organised herds of cattle. Well done to the owls for the attacking football they showed against them they got lucky with that last minute goal but full credit to our boys who dug in and gave them a fight. Today the latics looked like an ordinary championship team not a premier league team.
    Only got one worry and i think that is we need a backup striker. When sodje and burton came off the only other option was leon clarke and his performances remind me of the times playing for the school football team where the odd one out gets put on the pitch from the subs bench and aint got a clue what to do apart from chase the ball. Whenever he gets the ball he dont know what to do with it. If this is gonna be our only option if our first choice strikers get injured then im very worried. Please Brian (laws) try to get sahar back or someone who will be able to do the job clarky cant. Good luck lads against burnley I will be there and cheering you all the way. Come on sodje,Tuggy, burton and jeffers keep fit and find theback of the net as many times as you can.

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    • Good to hear they are playing well but doesn't the "lucky" goal worry you? - we did so much of that last year; especially towards the end when we only needed a win to get clear.
      Want to see them playing attacking football but they need to be disciplined at the back too (the old Keegan score 7 and win by 1 doesn't seem like a winning play even for King Kev).
      Laws is already saying the same things as last year - "we should have won but.." and that gave us several months of hell at the end of last season.
      The new money should give us a chance to invest wisely - be great to see us solid up front and at the back but if it would get us into the top half, I'd settle for a rock solid defensive unit.
      Anyway, hope they stuff Burnley and get of to a good start.

    • how the fuck do you expect him to get Sahar back when he is on loan at Pompey for a season!

      We don't NEED another striker, we have 5 first team strikers FFS. Clarke may be crap, but he has good days, and if one gets injured we still have another 2 to fill in

      If we get anyone get Slusarski

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      • Whats the attitude for for %$^& sake. Take a chill pill man. Didnt realise what had happened with sahar. We have five strikers ok but what happened to us last season with more or less the same strikers. We couldnt score like we should have been doing. If you wanna rant do it somewhere else. Are you a wednesday fan cos if you are then just chill bud I may have got something wrong and you may not have agreed with what I said but $%^&%$# Hell stop ranting.
        It took the strikers to the norwich game to show what they could do. Yes that was sweet but a long time coming dont ya think. Dont get me wrong we have four really great strikers in burton, tudgay, jeffers and sodje but if their injuries flair up again we could be stuck with clarke and the fringe strikers then we will struggle so think about it and tell me we dont need another in the wings. Just imagine we are doing really well 4 or 5 games into this season and we lose jeffers and sodje again so they cant play. we have burton and tuggy up front and tuggy gets injured and has to go off. Whos left on the bench??? Clarke!!! whats he gonna do to get us the two goals back we need. Ok I think leon Clarke is crap but scores sometimes! Are we supposed to rely on him maybe having a good day? I hope not.