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  • Gordon Simpson Gordon Simpson Aug 8, 2008 01:27 Flag

    Pre season progress

    Good to hear they are playing well but doesn't the "lucky" goal worry you? - we did so much of that last year; especially towards the end when we only needed a win to get clear.
    Want to see them playing attacking football but they need to be disciplined at the back too (the old Keegan score 7 and win by 1 doesn't seem like a winning play even for King Kev).
    Laws is already saying the same things as last year - "we should have won but.." and that gave us several months of hell at the end of last season.
    The new money should give us a chance to invest wisely - be great to see us solid up front and at the back but if it would get us into the top half, I'd settle for a rock solid defensive unit.
    Anyway, hope they stuff Burnley and get of to a good start.

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