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  • ZAL THE BLADE ZAL THE BLADE Sep 1, 2010 01:58 Flag


    BEING A 100% BLADE,
    Its no love to my city rivals,BUT,having been caught up,in an attack on myself,@ Grimsby BACK IN 1985,After previously been badly injured in a R.T.A.in1982,as we travelled to Bournemouth Away.It took me 3 yrs to learn to walk again,from the R T.A,,THEN getting assaulted at Grimsby & having to be LAID UP ON TRACTION,4,9 MONTHS,MY THOUGHTS GO TO YOU BOTH & YER FAMILIES.Luckily i recoverd & i hope its not long b4 you get back supporting yer team again.
    I see they have charged someone for your assault,they never got my attackers,so theres a start,at least.
    Best Wishes lads sincerely .