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  • Terry Terry Jul 26, 2005 23:50 Flag

    fulham f c

    come on all u fulham fans let us know what u think of the team and management this seaon come on u whites FFC for ever

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    • Fulham always seemto do well untill the winter, then they seem to #$%$ up! I am surprised they have lasted this long in the league!

    • And yesterday West Ham got a penalty for handball and yet against Chelsea we didn't. We lost a point to Portsmouth for a cheat's handball. We could have got something from the Wigan game. All in all, although nervous of our away form, I'm pretty happy with the way we're playing. Even match of the Day pundits say CC is doing a reasonable job. I'm still proud to call myself a Fulham supporter

    • From the commentary we were rubbish! Injury or not did we think we were that good we didn't need to try? Did Chris not want this one? For God sake will someone do us a favour and take Zat Knight out on the #$%$ again. He's useless - mind you after today half the bloody team had better go with him!

    • hey friends,
      i am from India, you people will be wondering how come i am here.
      first of all i want tell you people, i am a figo fan,
      From the first day i started watching EPL the one team which caught my attention was Fulham.......only Fulham.....i loved watching them Saha....boemorte....steed...vandasar......
      i feld sad losing saha to MAN U "i HATE THEM" again they hit us taking Vandasar.....

      this season we played some good football...we had great midfield...with steed and diop...but lack in defence and attacking.....
      mcbriad is inconsistent...colin is too young to carry the team.....
      takeback saha on loan or buy one ....
      need a CB to play along with kinght....
      keep hold on diop...steed....and boemorte...at any cost....that will keep us on top half at the end of the season...if we lose one of them we will have to fight a relegation battle.....

      on coleman....guys give him money and time he will take us to top........

    • Here we go again. It's like a horror story really. Doctors now reckon it's good to do something that scares you a bit. There you are, all you have to do is become a FFC supporter and watch the results coming up! It used to be the other club in Fulham that you didn't know which team would turn up. Seems the affliction has moved.

    • i think chris coleman does not have a clue how to run the team and we should get a new manager as soon as possible so that we avoid getting relagated. Luois boa morte is becoming a very lazy player and did not lokk bothered at all against liverpool on saturday as with all the other matches.

    • Only one thing really to say......FAN...BLOODY...TASTIC!!!!!
      Come on Lads if you can beat the European Champions you can bet anyone!

    • fulham are in need of a striker otherwise it could be division 1,chris coleman needs to adress this urgently.He needs to encourage the midfield to start shooting from outside the penalty area as other clubs do.

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      • I could cry! It sounds like it was an absolute cracker of a game. We gave away another flaming penalty(mind you if others weren't such prima donnas! Load of woozies now compared with days of yore) I have spent the last few seasons being told by supporters of the TOP teams that we play the most entertaining football and how they love playing us for the atmosphere. One problem - doesn't matter how good/entertaining it is if we can't win games the long drop is looming. Chris must be tearing his hair out and how cruel he can't be were he really should be. FUL...HAM!

    • OH NO not a loss to West Ham! A blooming og please don't tell me we're going to do what we did so well last season and beat ourselves. Last season it was penalties. I've supported Fulham for over 50 years and we're our own worst enemies.

    • Think that you are all being a little unfair on Cookie...I think that there is more a finance issue behind the agenda...Attendance is low so it is hard to compete on a financial level with other clubs, this inevitably means that some of the better players have to go. We must nurture some of the academy players and use them wisely even possibly selling them on, this is a key to the clubs success. I think that despite his years, cookie has done a great job with limited resources

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      • i agree but cookie must go before its too late.
        someone with experience like fulham old boy bobby robson
        he could end where he started

      • yes cookie has done a descent job but we dont need to sell. we should get rid of the out on loan players or bring them back to play.but also cookies comments last season about us fans was wrong and so was saying fulham is a small club and he wont be staying here as he is going to go to a big club. he should remember we as a club and fans have stood by him since the unfortunate accident that finished he's great football career

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