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  • Zeno Zeno Aug 5, 2007 18:46 Flag


    There's a band wagon rolling down at Craven Cottage, a new manager with lots of positive talk, a transfer budget to match the talk and eight new signings to boost the small squad.

    All good you may say, but why do I still fear the worse?

    Firstly I suppose is the fact that the eight in are only replacing the eight out so far and those eight out could really be eleven if you include the loan returns. Three of the players relaeased didn't feature last season, Crossley, Pembridge and Collins but Brown, Helguson, Queudrue, Jensen and Radzinski made a total of 129 appearences last season. Add to that the 32 appearences made by loanees Routledge, Lastuvka and Montella and we've lost some important first team players.

    Coleman was an inexperienced manager but he did have the advantage over Sanchez of playing in the Premier League and winning it and playing under some of the games great managers. Sanchez had a good run with a lower league side and got a couple of results with a non demanding national side, hardly inspiring too me!

    And so we have the new signings, Paul Konchesky, Aaron Hughes and Steven Davis were bench warmers at equivalent Premier League clubs last season, Diomansy Kamara, great last season in the Championship but failed with two other clubs at this level. Chris Baird and Lee Cook, similar to Kamara in that they had a good season with Championship clubs last year and are seen as good prospects, but untried at this level. Adrian Leijer has been brought in as one for the future, currently part of the Australian Olympic and under 21 sides and finally the super prospect that is David Healy, now I know you don't fluke a hat-trick against the Spanish national side so there's obviously is some talent in there, but 6 goals for a relegated Championship side!!!

    Until proved otherwise, my glass will remain half empty.


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    • Well, there is another point of view. Sanchez is positive and a breathe of fresh air. Unadulterated (as yet) by the Premieship mind games. He has surrounded himself with players he trusts. His new signings will be as mediocre as those released or sold. As bad as last season was, many games were drawn or lost by a single goal in the final minutes. Just a few of the missed opportunities taken would have placed Fulham mid table. 3 more wins and 9 more points was achievable. So lets give him the benefit of the doubt until the ball is kicked next week.