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  • I Think that Fulham are very soft. and if they keep playing like this they will go down!

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    • yes and i suppose you are amongst the majority of all other idiots who have wrongly predicted for the past 5 years that fulham will be relegated AGAIN yawn! Zzzzzzzzzz! After 5+ seasons & oh look we are STILL in the premier surprise! - dont you think that assumption is getting a bit old now??
      No it seems that fulham will always be the "relegation certainties" & scapegoats season after season - another yawn! but your pointless and irrelevant post coming after fulhams brilliant great escape comeback last season to avoid relegation just proves that maybe you need to get out a bit more and maybe GET A LIFE!

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      • well said Tara. How can you say that we are soft after beating arsenal, rejuvenated spurs and grinding out a draw with Liverpool already this season? Top half of the table and already halfway to the Magic 40. Hardly soft are we?

        People have written off Fulham since we first got promoted at the beginning of the millenium and we have been here ever since. Critics dislike us because we haven't relied on a bottomless transfer fund (like the blue #$%$) and other fans dislike us because we play route 1 football. We have been in Europe and pulled our way from the mire of division 3 to be here and we will remain here and improve each and every season.

        And just go an tell Big Brede that you think he's soft.