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  • lex lex Sep 13, 2010 17:57 Flag

    leg broken

    I wish Zamora well the player who did thios should be banned Karl henry is just a thug we could see what he was like V newcastle last week
    Sad to say untill this happens to Gerrad Lampard or Rooney nothing will get done to wipe this type of poor player out the game
    Hope BZ comes back strong
    an arsenal fan

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    • Typical Arsenal fan - the worlds against us - lets have 1 rule for us & another for everyone else!
      Karl Henrys' was a good tackle - ref never gave foul - just bad luck on Zamora,and it was Karl Henry who stopped the game.
      I wish Zamora all the luck in getting fit again and putting a few past wingeing Wengers side.
      Wait till you play Chelsea & Man U then you'll see what tough tackling is.
      Anyway, time 4 you to go & make sure your Arsenal lads are rapped up in cottonwool.