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  • Evil Bread Man Evil Bread Man Nov 9, 2007 21:05 Flag

    Look after yourself.....and each other

    I'm here to have the final word. But before that, does anyone know anything about fishing?

    Cue Nige

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    • Kovan, me old mucker !!! Do we know anything about fishing? Well, you clearly do kovan, although decent bites are scarce in this part of the world, especially as davey boy died in the keepnet,

      Hopefully he will have taken that clueless (s)prat morefakeid with him, (who was the actual Villa board spammer) and contributed greatly to the poor boy's demise,

      As you can see, we are undeterred, Occasionally, a fish dies during playing, kovan old son. The result was never in doubt though. Roy and I will fish on, casting our lines in everyones pool as takes our fancy, and seeing what bites. You are of course welcome to join us on our next expedition, as and when, Will you carry my creel?

      Tight Lines !!!!!

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      • Nige - hope this doesn't mean you will be antagonisng the good ship hammers?!

        T'would never end dear boy - t'would never end.

        Might be fun though - but would think we're too similar in views - well think so - whatdyathink?

        PMSL - I could predict an instant ally to your side if happened - let you guess who - fact, its almost worth it to see - plus johnnyboy - going into overdrive as the henry kissinger of the board - bless him!

        C yar Nige -if it's any consolation i did cheer brum when they scored today and admit the celebrations were like nothing I'd seen for long while as in wild and all round the ground.