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  • tilton AKA nige, mick or malcolm has decieved many posters on these forums, TAKE CARE people.

    He's LIED about his name.
    He's DECIEVED people about his job.
    He's USED other posters to help him attack certain posters on these boards.
    He's LIED about going to visit a war heros grave.
    He's USED fake id's to put blame onto another respected posted, namely IRONISTIC.
    He (tilton) LIES constantly about EVERYTHING
    He's NOT to be TRUSTED.
    He's a LIAR and a CONMAN.
    He USES a disabled man on these boards to help him attack other posters, then tilton RIDICULES the same disabled man behind his back.

    DO NOT give this 'man' any personal details, he'll USE them and he (tilton) will USE you.

    This topic is deleted.
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