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    Why do we never buy defenders?

    We sure as hell need a good centre back. Boumsong looks ok but for a tall player he seems very suspect in the air!

    I think our midfield seems pretty good now, think we should give Milner a long stint in the first time, as long as he isnt required to take penalties!! Dyer, Milner and Parker must be certainties for the midfield, and they can be backed up by either Jenas, Faye, Bowyer or even Butt.

    We definitely need another striker tho, ready to take over from Shearer. Owen would be nice but we dont have a hope in hell. All i pray for is a good season, maybe a Champions League place in my dreams, so we can actually attract the names that we want.

    Im not surprised we havent signed many people yet, cos noone wants to come to a club who finish 14th, no matter how big they are.

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    • Wasn't Souness looking at that Belgian fella, I think he plays in Germany. I'm sure he'll look to bring someone in, you never really replaced Woodgate....www.SoccerGossip.com

    • we have needed a decent defence for about 3 seasons now

      have been general #$%$ or lazy fat players that we have bought. any chance of a decent hardworking player?

    • Go back to school you dweeb and learn gwammer or is that grammer

    • you are damn right...why newcastle don't want to buy more defenders...Sourness think it's good for them to play attacking in buying more midfielders...they should balance in all position not only on midfield...after woodgate leave newcastle,they play badly almost every games...so Souey must think about the defence...we got best goalkeeper,we got enough quality in midfield,we must add 2 players to cover Kluivert and Bellamy's place...but we must add I think 4 players in defence...right&left full back & 2 centre defender bcoz Bramble is not good enough...and they should buy the player that have more quality than Woodgate...

    • Boring is right, he also needas to learn how to change tactics a little, if were ever in trouble SBR was always the best at bringing on the subs who could change a game, I was at the Liverpool game a couple of seasons back (sitting in the KOP) when with about 10-15 mins left we were 2-0 down, sitting their hoping for something when a scouser nudged me and said here it comes 'were f#@%ed now', as SBR stood up, then as we watched, Robert and Bellers, both got up after him, neither was fit enough to start, but when they came on they didn't half change the match, it was only a draw but to see how deflated the scousers were when SBR stood up, and then to look at some of the changes last season with a lot of the same options but without the results, he needs to learn quickly, as the saying goes the best form of defence is attack.

    • damn rite souness is far too defensive he bores the #$%$ of me

    • Because Souey likes Midfielders and doesn't really have much time for defending, i can speak from experience as i'm a Blackburn fan and would like to thank Newcastle's board as he would have cost us a lot of money if we sacked him (which was on the cards).He's a winner though and should win you a trophy like he did with Blackburn.During his time at Blackburn we got progressively worse at defending, defenders looking confused when the ball went in their net looking for someone to blame and i can see it's happening at Newcastle noticing how many goals against your side conceeded from last season (57 from 38 games) you had a better defence when Sir Bobby was in charge. Boumsong may be a great defender but he will not improve under Souness.You guys have a better chance in the cups and i fancy you to win the FA Cup this year but mid table at best in the league coz your defence will let you down, i've got a feeling that Souness' teams don't practice defending much on the training ground.Just watch them next season on set pieces and you'll know what i mean....

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      • mmmmm You might have a point there dude! I am a Newcastle fan I believe that you may have a point. I don´t agree with Souness as manager, he is not my choice, but a few good signings in Boumsong and Parker. Whether or not out defence gets better, I think there will a slight improvement, but Newcastle is not a defensive team, and never will be. But when Newcastle spends money on defenders (besides Marcelino) we get quality for our money, Woodgate, Boumsong, and Bramble has started to look the part. We need a defender like Van Buyten, stuff Distin, they are both the same really, but Van Buyten will score at least 5 league goals a season, while Distin will be lucky to get one. Newcastle fails to do what Arsenal do, and that is when we have a good season, bring two or three decent signings at a cost of 15-20 million, to strength weak areas. But Newcastle buy un-tested raw English player, or past it throw aways from Man Utd. Newcastle really fell when Sir Bobby only brought in Lee Bowyer after we finished third in the League. Hopefully we can get into the top five, and again, we have to bring in 3 new faces, players from Holland or France, because they are the most adaptable!