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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 29, 2005 05:29 Flag

    Why do we never buy defenders?

    mmmmm You might have a point there dude! I am a Newcastle fan I believe that you may have a point. I don´t agree with Souness as manager, he is not my choice, but a few good signings in Boumsong and Parker. Whether or not out defence gets better, I think there will a slight improvement, but Newcastle is not a defensive team, and never will be. But when Newcastle spends money on defenders (besides Marcelino) we get quality for our money, Woodgate, Boumsong, and Bramble has started to look the part. We need a defender like Van Buyten, stuff Distin, they are both the same really, but Van Buyten will score at least 5 league goals a season, while Distin will be lucky to get one. Newcastle fails to do what Arsenal do, and that is when we have a good season, bring two or three decent signings at a cost of 15-20 million, to strength weak areas. But Newcastle buy un-tested raw English player, or past it throw aways from Man Utd. Newcastle really fell when Sir Bobby only brought in Lee Bowyer after we finished third in the League. Hopefully we can get into the top five, and again, we have to bring in 3 new faces, players from Holland or France, because they are the most adaptable!