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    Souness has sold a lot of our best players. What he forgets is that they are the ones who got us results long before he arrived on the scene. We finished nicely in the league because of these guys on more than one occasion. I think, Mr Souness, before you get rid of anyone else let's see some results from yourself! It is obviously YOU who is not performing. Just look at the latest season you were in charge. The results speak for themselves!!

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    • I heard Mickey Mouse is looking for a job. You could do worse you know, oh, you already did! You could get Dean Saunders to act up at the club while the details between Freddy and Mickey are Ironed Out.

      Now then, where's me kids, I feel like a shag.

    • yes i agree about souness he will not be much use but dont u get bored watching the same 2 teams win ur league bar last year as chelsea bought it is there much difference to the spl except the outrageous tv revenue u get compaired to the pittance 2 of the biggest clubs in the world get i would fear souness back at rangers good luck

    • Well if peter beardsley came out with the fact souness was the worst manager he played for then that says something, i'd have thought it would have been another uselss jock ex-liverpool manager whos been at newcastle united who'd have had that title from peter though!

    • the problem is theve had all the close season to find new players but because of souness's reputation he can't atrract any new ones.At every club he has been at he's had problems with players,a couple of years ago i was at a meet the club where 6 members of nufc answered questions about the direction the club was taken the 6 people included peter beardsley paul kitson rob lee freddie fletcher and malcolm allen one of the questions was directed at peter the question was who's the best and worst boss you've played for.His reply was kevin keegan the best,the worst he said ,what you've got to remember is some players need to be encouraged some to need a kick up the behind, some need shamed into getting the best out of them,but the manager i have in mind just balls out players and makes everything personal i had him while i was playing at liverpool his name gramme souness

    • who do you replace Souness with? bruce,big sam, o'leary and what do you think their gonna do with all the money that freddie's gonna throw at them.bruce has done nothing yet,big sam would #$%$ himself at the sight of 20m and o'leary would #$%$ it down the drain.souness should see it out untill the end of season. but he does need a better leftback and two strikers. at least with parker , emre & bowyer it should open jj&dyer eyes in how they play (with abit of bite)i hope.as for taylor & boumsong they should be given long run for once at least they kept a CLEAN sheet one of many more we all prey.i bet shay #$%$ the bed when he woke in middle of the night NEWCASTLE NIL WEST HAM NIL.

    • why is every one judging souness he has not even had a full season yet we should let him get on with his job and u wankas should leave him to do it

    • bloooody right.that man has dismantled every side he has managed to the dettriment of all the clubs he has been at.start of the season is the time for him to go not at christmas when we are bottom.we are a joke and no one wants to sign while hes still there.

    • WE DID HAVE ONE OF THE BEST TEAMS IN EUROPE NOT ANY MORE,CAN ANYBODY TELL ME THE LAST WORLD CLASS STRIKER WE BOUGHT, we must be one of the richest clubs in europe but in comparison with the top 3 we spend nothing on new players how can we compete, until shepard goes we will remain without trophies, get your wallet out shepard

    • well said mate, i agree whole heartedly, supported my team all my life came 8,000 miles onlt to watch them lose, we have one of the best european teams around and they can only strive to the equvance of their manager. souness has to go so we can have real leadership in the squad, get rid of all the blue collars and keep the workers, that's when we will see our team back...


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