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  • Jabberwocky Jabberwocky Aug 22, 2005 05:48 Flag


    Considering souness cant even get a half decent striker to sign for the club its shows his reputation with players isnt very attractive, who wants to play for a manager whos got a reputation for being a #$%$

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    • what a load of rubbish, 2 games in and the doom merchants are already at it. ok we should have beaten west ham, but we were definately robbed against arsenal. its not the managers fault owen wants to go back to liverpool and why would we want a player who doesnt want to play for newcastle anyway. parker and emre are quality players souness has brought in and the best part is they wanted to come and play for newcastle. so come on have a little faith, if we get rid of souness who comes in? wont he want to bring in his own players, the circle will just start all over again wii it not?