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  • Why on earth is bowyer staying with us? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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    • This board should be finished with, Bowyers staying and thats that.

      Personally I'm happy with it.

    • You haven't won anything for what 40 odd years? Couldn't even get through the inter#$%$. Have a chairman who is far from ideal, a manager no one likes.

      Does Sir John Hall still live on Teesside? And what about your icon - Keegan - Does he still live on Teesside?

      And as for me trying to bait Geordie Bloke - I find that an insult. I was angry, frustrated sexually and lacking in social avenues. I most certainly was not trying to bait him. Hang on?????????? I was accused of not talking football - My sanity was questioned, my sexual opportunities and my level of socialising - now how about you talk football and not abot me and not about teesside. Go on talk football please.

    • Noticed i'd spelt "verbally" wrong before that paul3767 starts to gloast or point the mistake out. Sort of thing that gives this small minded bloke an erect#on.

    • Paul3767 - shut up #$%$#head, just cause your a smoggy wannabe #$%$ - seen geordie bloke has ri#$%$uled your dumb boro forum and your trying to bait him, your getting slaughtered verabally & know #$%$# all. talk about football for a change.

      silly smoggy bas#ard.

    • Unfortunately there ain't a wise person on this forum.

    • Actually, I have been on the dole in the past. And no, I didn't class myself as a loser. Why would I? I'm not one of those work shy #$%$ claiming decent taxpayers money for nothing.

    • Why are you whinging about Bowyer for?

      We need depth in our squad and Bowyer is a sound enough midfield player, he certainly wouldnt have won any England caps if he wasnt of decent calibre.

      People need to forget about the Dyer incident and if anything stop sheltering the lad, Dyers no angel either, hes had a reputation for being a pratt when hes out and about aswell!

      That scuffle on the pitch is the only reason why your mentioning this, get over it!!! Its history!!!

      Personally I'm chuffed Bowyers staying at least he makes some effort, if you want to whinge about someone, try Nicky Butt..........hes bloody useless and home sick for Old Trafford.

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      • I totally agree with Geordie Bloke . In many of our matches Bowyer has played with passion , commitment and given 100%. Yeah , he made a mistake but are we not going to give him a second chance ? He has shown remorse , apologised and taken his punishment on the chin . I think it is our turn now to give him another oppertunity . Yeah , if he does something like that again then he really will have to go but I dont reckon he will . Bowyer is one of our better players , he has wanted to prove how sorry he is through his performances on the pitch . If you read and believe his interviews he never wanted to leave in the summer . The real person responsible for the trouble our club is in , our fat pr**k of a chairman ( god , I LOATHE this #$%$ )was offering Bowyer to other clubs , not Bowyer asking to leave.

      • Another stupid woman coming on these message boards and yabbering rubbish yet again. Why should bowyer go? Ah? Is it because of the incident with dyer? Durrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! Like that geordie_bloke_1974 has said, your just coming out with that because you probaby fancy dyer.

        get a grip woman, bowyers f*cking class!!!!!!!