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    What is the real reason behind Owen not coming?

    So, Newcastle fans won't be singing the praises of owen. Why did he give us the cold shoulder? Is it because he doesn't rate the manager or is he really hanging out for a return to his beloved liverpool. Owen has made a mistake. He should have joined us and partnerd shearer up front. At least he would have got a game. All he is doing now is keeping the bench warm in sunny Madrid. Bad move considering the world cup is coming up at the end of the season and the time to impress the england manager is NOW.

    It's too late for you now Michael at Newcastle as we have bought someone else.

    Good luck Owen. Get a club that isn't bursting at the seams with stars and maybe you will get a game. We need you for the world cup.

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    • Owen is Sven-Goran Eriksson's golden boy, he doesnt need to kick a ball to play for England. I'm glad he's not coming to Newcastle, he can go to Liverpool or warm the bench at Madrid. Luque isnt a 20-goal wonder so I dont know if he can help our cause, anyway I doubt he'll play against Man Utd. Fat Freddy had his head up his #$%$ too long, we still need another striker and he's got till Wednesday to get one. Hope he can else we probably wont beat Fulham at home even.

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      • the problem is souness,shepard and geography.the reputation of a bad manager,the disgrace of a chairmen that does spend his money but not at the right time,that holds the fans with contempt and, the fact that we live in the north east were the rest of the country reckon we fly pigons and live in coal mines .In the past even when keegan was here we could never atract the very best players e.g bergkamp rooney now owen when weve bought players weve wasted millions of pounds if this was mr shepards offshore buisness he would be bankrupt well proberly let j j go for 7 or 8 million when we should be making a lot more we have spells of lunicy selling salano to villa pure madness