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  • Who the @$£! cares I had a 5min kickabout with Eric Cantona in a park once - and @ 1.5m a lot cheaper than Shearer and Owen. Geordies always try too hard to impress u can spot a geordie clown in any packed disco.

    Personally if I were freddy I wud put the cash on a complete new ticker he looks ready for his final rest...

    Spend some money on defence Ronaldo took the #$%$ proper!

    *@%!in Magpies were cool back in TisWas...

    Old McDonald times...


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    • What titebuttoks failed to mention was his kickabout was actually his first sexual experience where he gave a #$%$ to cantona for 5 mins, we know what these french are like for kissing other men & how man united fans are c*cksuckers.

      i gather some geordie bloke musta kicked your skull in at some point in a nightclub?(regarding the disco remark) must have been trying to suck him off aswell, we're not fond of pooftas here.

      explains why your eyes were glued to ronaldo on sunday, probably want a taste of his tackle aswell, did watching his 'titebuttoks' do it for you?

      tiswaz - little lads getting covered in white liquid whilst laughing and giggling.

      i see through your comments, your queer.

      silly #$%$