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    Hi My Name Is Jabber..

    I have been supporting NUFC for as long as i can remember(which ain't very long). Please ignore me if you see many of my posts on here as i don't really speak much sense but i am incredibly funny. For example...this one time at band camp...a load of scousers came on our forum and i said.."stop nicking our cars!"...Ha Ha...Oooh i am dead funny and original. And this other time at band camp i said.."OOhh..where's your shell-suit?.."...Laugh...i nearly cried!!..Am dead funny me! I get to watch NUFC about 5 times a year(whenever they are on Sky on a monday night). I don't like going the games...i prefer to stay in on my computer. If anybody sees me walking down the street( you cannot miss me...i am the one always on my own) please kick me for living such a sad life. If anybody wants to keep in touch with me please go to www#$%$.com. Look forward to hearing from you all.

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    • See that Jabber has wormed his way onto the Liverpool board and came up with a cracking insult for Peter Crouch...........wait for it........no it's really good.........maybe you should sit down in case you fall over laughing.........."SKINNY".......I think the Little Britain scriptwriters jobs are safe for now...tithead!

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      • Hey!! Stop that! It's jabber here..it took me ages to think of that and it is really funny...even my mum/step-sister told me it was. Thank god you are typing this and not nicking my car...lol. Calm down..calm down..lol. I wish i could hit the caps_lock button on my keyboard but as i am a #$%$ and am typing this with my tongue i cant...it keep#$%$ting the shift button instead. I have to go now as i need a #$%$ and my dad/brother in law is going to help me wipe my #$%$ with my beloved newcastle shirt which has 'micheal owan' on the back of it. Have they spelt it wrong cos i don't know??