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  • Geordies are a pack of B an' W scrotum sacs who do nothing but support a team that doesn't give a monkey's about them and happily rips 'em off at any given mo',while providing rubbish football,overrated flops of players,no silverware,team mates' pitch punchups and INTERTOTO CUP aspirations.But yet again they're BACK FOR MORE.Are they the witless #$%$ everyone OUTSIDE Tyneside thinks(or should) they are?..Please vote all you believers....

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    • ...that was,just plain simply...beautiful*snif*snif*

    • Yes, I couldn't agree more. Some people are very easy to wind up.

      As for different identities, sorry, that ain't my bag.

      As I said in one of my posts on the Boro site, my family roots are geordie. I think it is as simple as I don't like you, you preach hate and dislike, but then try to put it down to banter. Banter is fun, I give you a bit, you give me a bit. What you do is not banter. In future I will have banter with reasonable geordies, you I will treat as the playground #$%$ you are.

    • It makes me laugh how these geordies talk about thinking for themselves and not following the pack, then trapes around Newcastle all looking the same? What the #$%$ is so unique about that?

      They don't so much remind me of a scrotum as the skiddies in me keks when i follow through on a saturday night.

      I know plent of geordies actually and they are sound, it's just Beware the Jabberwokky and Geordie bloke that are a joke. Most geordies have the ability to hold a reasonable footballing debate without resulting to personal insults, but these two! They are like a couple of kids trying to play in the big blokes world.

      So sorry for my earlier comments geordies, my comments should have been aimed at those two. The majority of you are diamond.

    • What a fookin goon you are, possibly a SUFC supporter, you really need to learn some manner #$%$. if you are a man-ure supporter your obviously from banglidesh, we dont give a flying gibblet on your opinion, WE ARE BLACK AND WHITE through and through and nothing some jumped up little shitbag will ever change



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      • Hartlepool Utd. fan actually and before you start the abuse remember we were as close to the Championship last season as you look THIS season so i'll keep my fingers crossed shall i?..

      • Bigglesdiggles - once you've stopped getting bum f*cked by all your teeside buddies and can come up with a valid argument then please do so...

        ...until then stop showing obvious signs of geordie jealousy.

        face the facts we might hate our manager and not sing the praises of our chairman but we stick by newcastle united through thick and thin.

        just because hartlepool have a p*ss ant team dont try and stir us up, theres a place next door to you called middlesbrough go there and slag the people off, they're nearer and speak you 'ovaaaaaaaaaaar ear by the caaaar' language.

    • Are you kidding me?! I think ur suffering from geordie envy! Who do you support? Let me guess, Man Utd? Least we have loyalty and aren't glory hunters. We're a good team, we've got loads of potential. What about emre and parker? They're both mint. Get a grip!

    • #$%$ off out this forum you silly #$%$