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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 24, 2005 07:46 Flag

    profiles deleted geordie_guy_1974

    lol makes me laugh, as if getting a yahoo profile deleted is some major victory!!

    just sort it out between urselves like men instead of telling tales to yahoo

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    • Its because that prawnnightmare bloke is a twerp, he even admits he doesnt follow football, so why be a grass? simple, because hes of no importance and being a do-gooder here makes him feel important, what goes around, comes around, this divvy should bear that in mind.

    • It is a victory if the person deleted is a small minded ignorant petty foul mouthed infantile fool who thinks they are the centre of the universe and can post venomous remarks on the other boards.

      They came back here and cried about ALL the other supporters posting here and how you all should give it back, and yet they in fact the very person responsible for starting the whole sarga off.

      You stated and I qoute "just sort it out between yourselves instead of telling tales to yahoo" do think that obscene e mails with the same threats are to be ignored and sorted between ourselves ?...for your information I did sort it out after warning him what would be the conseqeunce if he didn't stop, as for telling tales well have you noticed how much calmer the boards are since his demise..?...have you noticed how very very few supporters from other clubs are now coming to your own boards ?.

      For the rest if you want to have your own boards to yourselves I suggest you stay out of the United forums etc. After all you shout enough about it being done here, and as was stated by hater "what goes around comes around". Something to bare in mind is it not.