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    profiles deleted geordie_guy_1974


    I will make this suggestion to those from these NUFC boards if you travel around the boards making childish threats and offering to slap kick or cause harm to people then you will not be suprised to see your profile and messages disappear.

    You can scream shout and blame everyone else for your own misfortune but in reality you have no one to blame but your self. I posted yesterday just what may happen if that sort of thing continued and you may give thanks to the prawn person and geordie_guy_1974 that exactly what could happen did happen.

    You all stood by and said or did nothing and by your own inaction encouraged these persons to post their infantile threats and to go about the boards doing the same in other football boards here on Yahoo, and what maybe happening now is that every post by a NUFC supporter on the boards is reported as spam or threatening, for that I offer my codolences as now thanks to two people on the boards you may well find yourselves under tight scrutiny and should there be repeats of these persons posts having the NUFC forum deleted.

    Even though now they may be posting under geordie fellow the fact remains geordie_guy_1974 has had his messages deleted and profile also and failed to understand the realise of what caused this act. Under a new profile of geordie fellow directly posted another threat under .As for the prawn person it seems some of his posts have being deleted three of the profiles used to post were deleted along with warnings from yahoo about conduct, so I say to you all for your own good is it not time for you to put a stop yourselves to the abuse and childish posts on the boards weather you like dislike or hate other clubs you still have no reason to be post as you do. I am well aware of the fact United supporters come here to post comments I will be also posting a copy of this message to their boards as well.

    For the sake of your own forum only you can put a stop to all this , but should this appeal fall on deaf ears all actions you recieve will be of your own making as I said Yahoo doesn't suffer fools gladly .

    This topic is deleted.
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