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  • viwer viwer Dec 4, 2005 13:22 Flag

    shearer as manager?

    Shearer will never be Newcastle manager - he's too clever and much too rich to risk being turned over from a hero to a pariah if he failed. The safest groud is as a TV pundit. If he became manager and hadn't pulled something off within 12 months they'd be shouting for his head as well.
    Newcastle are going nowhere (about 15th position)
    The best bet is to wait until the end of the 2006 world cup and try and get SG Erikkson (forget about these bluffers and jokers like Allardyce.
    It's back to the drawing board for Newcastle

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    • I am a Newcastle fan working in South Africa returning Christmas. O what joy to read the Shearer saga. #$%$ language skills but good banter it made my day. Who knows what Shearer will do so long as he does not take on the managers role, your only as good as your last job. Keep up the opinions, some are #$%$ but still worth reading. Thank goodness Po faced Rednap went back to Portsmouth, if we got better we would still be miserable.

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      • Of course Shearer will become Newcastle manager. Have you not sussed the man out yet??? He's a mercenary, his entire life has been mapped out by Newcastle Utd. We treat him as a God, he can do wrong. If he failed as a manager, someone's head would roll, but it wouldn't be his!! Of course he's clever, he chose us instead of Man U didn't he. Let the rotten skulls who think he made a blunder with that little coup, recite the same dribble as they usually do: y'know, the one about no winners medals...etc. Shearer is currently on an obcene weekly wage and is a milti millionaire. He is playing at the highest level in football, at the age of 35 and he is adored by an entire City, who build pubs in his name...etc.....you don't get that by having no brain cells!!! Had he signed for Man U, he'd have had a fireplace full of tin medals,but he'd have been playing for Blyth Spartans for the past 5 years, after finishing his Professional career at Doncaster or somewhere. You would probably see him at Xmas panto with the likes of Frank Bruno or Eric Cantona....... So, yes, Shearer will continue his affair with Newcastle Utd into management and we will continue to make him one of the most famous, best loved and richest men in the history of the game. Once all that is over.......we'll do the same with Owen, unless he foolishly opts out after his contract is up. People who think these men are in it for the trophies really do want to put the Beano down. If Trophies were the incentive behind the dream, then they would all be on £5.25 an hour???????????????????????????????

    • shearer will make a good manger than souness

    • I think that Newcatle United have been very spontaneous in appointing managers in the past. Lets start at the top. As long as we have Freddy shepard there we will achieve nothing. He is permanently in the press expressing his opinions. That is not his role. He sacked Bobby Robson and replaced him with Graham Souness (a manager whom has torn the heart out of every club he has manager)This brings me on to Alan Shearer as manager. Maybe in ten years when he has learned his trade as a manager. Newcastle fans (as i am) are ruled by their hearts. It is about time a proper Chairman was installed, setting reasonable targets to achieve, and time frames to achieve the targets. A new manager is needed and to be honest i believe that Martin O Neill is the candidate that I would chase. He has great people mamagement skills and is also a great tactician. But unfortunately until Sheperd is ousted then Newcastle can change as many managers as they want but success will not come their way until he is replaced.

    • Erikkson?! He is a #$%$ overpaid useless waste of space. We have already got one of those as manager thanks. Martin O'Neill would be just the ticket!

    • you say shearer's clever! and how did you work that one out!?! he had elocution lessons so that he didnt sound as thick as he actually is! you cant call a footballer how did pretty #$%$ at school, clever. thats just an oxymoron