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  • Christopher Christopher Dec 28, 2005 06:06 Flag

    50 Million Pound Later................

    And poor poor newcastle are still no nearer to becoming a good side,I must show a little respect to freddy sheperd though.He has always put his money where his mouth is,But his choice in manager is a little bad to say the least.

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    • Another poor result. Souness is now blaiming "individual mistakes" for the team`s loss that HE manages. When will he wake up and realize football is a team game? He`ll only have to look at liverppol game to see how terrible we are performing as a team. A bunch of school kids had more formation then us. People spoke of defence in Keegan`s erra as comical, but at least one could recognise the defence then.
      I`m not surprised Bobby Robson`s name was being chanted today.
      I feel sorry for Given who could be playing on a bigger stage, behind full backs that actually protected him. Its no wonder so many players left us (and wanting to leave us!) under currant regime.
      As for Bowyer - the card was unfortunate but he`s tackle did not look pretty either. Yes he didn`t deserve a red but he didn`t look like he considered the implications of his tackle either. 4 red cards = 12 game ban in a year. He obviously thinks he`s got a part time contract which includes early showers to avoid a que! To be honest he plays like some one from lower division.

      p.s. Happy New Year all, we surely cant be any worse!

    • 50 million well spent i would say thou, one thing mr souness has done is brought some great signings to the club. BUT they may be good players, but he cannot get the best from them as a team, this is his team, he told us to judge him on it!

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      • newcastle didn't need to make alot of sinings because they have realy good players who play in the reserves such as chopra and brittain.

      • Andy Mc Bride

        Sure Souness brought some good players, and at times they play well, but the difference between Liverpool and Newcastle the other night were worlds apart. Souness has spent the money, brought in the players he wanted, but really the team has improved a little since last season, which is not as much as all us Geordie fans would have wanted. Face it, Souness is not a manager who maintains teams high in the table for very long, historically speaking.

        Really, Newcastle has had over the past 10 years, 4 really decent seasons, why. First time, we bought Ginola and Ferdinand, and Shearer who opened up our style of play. Then we sold Ginola, bad idea, Ferdinand could have been a bit useful for one more season considering Shearer's big injury, plus Dalglish bought a bunch of player just not up to standard.

        We came back when we bought Robert, arrogant frenchie, but he had some good consistent performances when he first started, plus Bellamy, passionate and a bit of a temper, but he worked and opened up the game for the team with his pace, problem was that he did not score enough goals after the first season, but still was a good player

        Now we got Owen, great signing, but really Shearer's replacement to lead the team when he retires, and Luque, a good player, but just not suited to English Football which is a shame. Newcastle need to sign a player with a cutting edge, pasey left winger, with good passing and crossing ability, Rafa Van Der Vaart would have been good, and a couple of goal scoring forwards, Anelka would be nice and a Nihat who is like Bellamy, but he scores the goals.

        Newcastle at the moment are really in a rebuliding stage, but i do not think Souness is the man to bulid it. As for Bowyer, he does have passion, but he is so prone to brain explosions and it seems to always leave the team in dire straits. His whole career has been like that, and it gets to the point where you think that he will never change and the proof is their according to his record on and off the field. I would let Bowyer off if he played like Scott Parker in terms of work rate, energy, and effort. Bowyer just has gritty passion which really, unlike before with Leeds he was like Lampard, box to box and a goalscorer, but now?
        Not the same player, and maybe he is not the best player for Newcastle.

    • Yep, and that 8 million pound signing Alain Boumsong? The opposition is playing with 12 players with him on the field. The only defending he did on the match against Liverpool was he blocked a Shearer shot, which I think was on target.

      And that Bowyer chap, call him what you like, but he is like a bull in a china shop. 4 red cards in 12 months? Well, he makes sure he will get a break over new year!!!

      I feel sorry for Given, by far the best player on the day. With guys like Boumsong fronting you, you don't need any enemies.

      The problem is with the manager. As a player he was good, but manager, never. He cannot differentiate good players from bad. He spent more than double compared to us in the summer window, and what do you get in return? If you give him more money in the Jan transfer window, he will buy more bad players for you. We suffered when he ran our show and it took us years to recover. The first thing Sheperd should do is to get rid of him.