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  • Ricky Y Ricky Y Dec 28, 2005 12:26 Flag

    50 Million Pound Later................

    Yep, and that 8 million pound signing Alain Boumsong? The opposition is playing with 12 players with him on the field. The only defending he did on the match against Liverpool was he blocked a Shearer shot, which I think was on target.

    And that Bowyer chap, call him what you like, but he is like a bull in a china shop. 4 red cards in 12 months? Well, he makes sure he will get a break over new year!!!

    I feel sorry for Given, by far the best player on the day. With guys like Boumsong fronting you, you don't need any enemies.

    The problem is with the manager. As a player he was good, but manager, never. He cannot differentiate good players from bad. He spent more than double compared to us in the summer window, and what do you get in return? If you give him more money in the Jan transfer window, he will buy more bad players for you. We suffered when he ran our show and it took us years to recover. The first thing Sheperd should do is to get rid of him.

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