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  • Peter Amos Peter Amos Jan 3, 2006 22:01 Flag

    Dear stephen.jaques,

    Having read all of your posts and the very witty replies I beg you 'Stevo the Monkey Boy,' keep it up. With a minimalist homoerectusesque grasp of speech and grammar you have the potential to amuse us for sometime to come. Come on you little, hairy, knuckle dragging wit, let us have some more entertainment.

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    • I don't know whay anybody gets wound up by the postings of SJ. Some of them are good crack and get a lot of bites. From his scribblings I do however
      suspect that Stephen Jaques is a frustrated Sado Masochistic homosexual- and I base this on purely scientific evidence of him being a sunderland supporter who
      (a) always has to come from behind
      (b) takes regular beatings

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      • Have any of you good people thought to ask yourselves as to why Stephen feels he needs to invade someone elses chat board? Is it because he has been rejected by his own kind, like so many of those numerous poor defenceless animals found in the jungle, rejected by the mother because they are weak & defenceless & have nothing to offer, but are in fact a liability & simply threaten those around them by draining valuable time, energy & resources? Ah, mother nature can be a cruel master! Perhaps Stephen hopes that he may find a surrogate Mag to take him under his wing, teach him about what being a true football supporter is about, loyalty to ones club & of course those missing social skills so badly needed to live in a society of 'normal' people where people are able to converse intelligently! Lets not be too hard on the guy, we should feel sorry for him, its not his fault he's a mackem, clearly this has been bred into him from an early age, probably handed down to him through his genes. Be kind to him & hopefully if he is unable to see the errors of his ways and repent, he will return to his freak of nature mackem family never to return & bother us with his aimless drivvle & idiotic rantings!!!
        Repent now while you have a chance Stephen or return to the mackems, perhaps they will open up their arms to you & let you back into the fold, or like the ape family beat you senseless, worth the risk I think!

    • Gotta say that I trawl most of the boards and OL stephen is by far the most lacking in intellect on here.

    • o and i am a mackem to who that person is saying i aint one. i truely am.

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      • You really are a complete head case, let me guess your one of the inbreads (ask someone what that means stephen) that has lost the plot over in wearside. Having read all of your entertaining posts and all the witty replies, which I'm guessing you couldn't understand, its clear that you really are a stereotype of anything and evrything in Sunderland.
        Since it is a football forum let me just say that yes our team is awful at the moment but atleast we can manage average mid table displays unlike yourselves. Finnaly have a nice trip Brighton next season

    • problem is u spelt my name wrong #$%$

    • You've used too many big words there, he might not grasp your meaning.