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  • viwer viwer Jan 15, 2006 19:17 Flag

    Owen not happy with Newcastle?

    Hear, hear Sir! and may I say very elegantly put.

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    • I agree wholeheartedly. I've said it before - it seems that SJP is a rest home for players on their way to somewhere else. I think that the number of so called injuries is indicative of a bunch of players with no heart who are workshy. We need more players like Scott Parker who are passionate and give 100%. Souness can't get them to work for him so he should be bulletted as soon as possible and get Sam Allardyce in asap. We need a manager with something about him that can inspire our bunch of workshy players. Souness is about as inspiring as winning a fortnights holiday on Weirdside.

    • u want 2 know why owen isnt happy at newcastle is because of souness get him out of this club before it goes down he has failed at everything and is clear that he is failed at newcastle even with the injuries we can still but out a team tht could hav beat fulham cant relay on shearer anymore also heard of given going to spain i dont blaim him