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  • Blueskies Blueskies Jan 18, 2006 21:57 Flag

    Anelka Fancies Newcastle Switch

    What an amazing assesment of one of the most overated and lazy foreign players to visit the EPL. Surely you cannot be serious!

    Also Anelka, if he come's to England - he isn't coming home - he's French --

    Now I take Newcastle's attempt to buy him as serious as your post

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    • Say what you want about his personality, but Anelka Was and still is a class player. Proven goal scorer at every club he has played for, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Man City, Liverpool and now Fenerbache.

      We may not like him personaly, but he would score Newcastles much needed goals. And one thing that I do like is that he has not spent lots of his carrer on the treatment table.

      Freddy should offer him about £25k a week for four years and offer payrises on results and goals scored. Unfortunatly Freddie will probly offer £50-60K per week and there is no incentive to fight for the black n white shirt.