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  • rrichards rrichards Jan 27, 2006 19:24 Flag

    Add a comment if you think Souness should go, lets see how many we can run up!!!!

    Souness should go and take Erikson with him

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    • yep, souness out along with freddie...enough is enough.

      In a perverse way i kinda hope we do lose tomorrow because that will definitely be the end of souness for sure...

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      • Im afraid the solution to the problem is not as simple as sacking Souness. With Sheppard in charge he will simply appoint another no hoper as a knee jerk reaction in order to fill the vacancy & then he'll throw a fortune of our money at him & when he fails will say, "well he had the boards backing!" (that seems to be Sheppards get out of jail free card) We need a Chairman that has a strategy & who can appoint a manager that has the type of experience required to manage a big club & until we can find one, such as Oneil we should not make another appointment before the end of the season in haste that will simply prolong the issue further. One exception to that would be that if we were to still slip further under Souness & relegation looms, then sack him & hand the job to the assistant manager. We need to buy some time to go and select the right candidate for the job & I feel that this could be achieved in the closed season. Its no good to keep sticking new plasters over old wounds. And while we are at perhaps we can find a new investor too?
        Theres been plenty in the press & media about the fans being unhappy at Souness and them demonstrating. Why is it that theres nothing about Sheppard, am I the only Geordie to feel turned over by this man? Until we, the fans start demonstrating to let the board know exactly how we feel Sheppards sitting pretty & firmly upon the throne!
        It would be my dream to start the season with a new forward thinking Chairman & an experienced manager.