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  • viwer viwer Jan 24, 2006 18:34 Flag

    Any ideas on who Erikson is talking about?

    The News of the World would not name(for legal reasons) Clubs or Managers that SGE was referring to in his claims about backhanders, cesspit, and overpriced players. Any "educated" guess on who he is talking about.
    My guesses:


    Don't know about the cesspit(though he might have visited M'Bro on scouting mission and talking about the scenery)

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    • The only reason Chelsea have consistently overplayed for players is because the clubs that sell them to chelsea ASK for vastly over-inflated prices, they do this because they know Chelsea can afford to CONSISTENTLY pay over the odds for players and everyone knows this.

    • Well thats certainly one statement I agree with! The media are #$%$. We should have all of their heads on spikes outside of the Tower of London for trying to scupper one of the best chances we have had to win the world cup since 66. And dont for one moment believe that it was in the interests of the people. The NOW set this up after lying in wait like a bunch of muggers down a dark alley & when one naive Sven wandered down it they turned him over good and proper! Whatever the wrongs & rights are of Svens comments, actions etc.... it astounds me that any one who supports football & England such as the NOW, supposedly can prostitute itself in such a way that they will go to the lengths they have to ensure that they cause as much damage to Sven & subsequently England in the run up to the world cup! And what really sickens me is how they claim the moral 'higher ground' & state 'the public have the right to know' #$%$, its about selling papers and making money, youd sell your own children if there was a story in it. Slags the lot of them.
      ....and my two first thoughts when I heard Eriksson's alleged comment (on the TV I might add, no England hating company is getting a penny of my money) were Chelsea & maybe Man U? Im sure there are others up and down the leagues but it would be sensible that this takes place at the very top level, and lets face it, in his short time in the UK, Jose has already been involved in more controversy than most. (Perhaps hes another niaive target for a future sting for the News Of the World?)

    • To be fair to ManU, though I hate them because I am a Liverpool fan, I don't think Eriksson was referring to them on taking back hander.

      The club that has been consistently overpaying players are Chelsea and Newcastle.

      In the case of Newcastle, suspects are: Owen (17m), Boumsong (8,5m); Luque (9.5m).

      In the case of Chelsea - the whole bloody team.

    • Man Utd seem to be getting tetchy over this - perhaps because of guilt. I did also notice AF comment after Luton boss Kewell peeped the whistle - sounded a bit like "who - not me guv". I think this will boil over and indict a lot of people.

    • Krk, seems you don't pay attenion.

      When we signed Rooney, United made public the amount of the fee that was payable to Rooneys agent. Then in January last year United reported the annual profits and decared the amounts they had paid to agents. They also did this in July last year when they announced the pre tax profits for the 6 months of the year. They have now released the information again.

      A reminder that we are the ONLY club in England, possibly even Europe, to declare these figures to the public. Something IMO every club should do in order to save the game.

    • Judging by the way Man Utd have gone to press following these revelations claiming they didnt pay over the odds for Rooney I guess it's them.

      No surprise dirty #$%$ club = dirty #$%$ backhanders and fiddles!