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  • Blueskies Blueskies Feb 3, 2006 10:23 Flag

    well you got your way

    Knee jerk decision - what other multi million pound industry would act in this way without at first putting someone in with a sound reputation?
    They should have waited tll the end of season - surely they would have avoided relegation? Then when the dust settles and other managers;' strat touting themselves on the market - there is time to make a choice.
    Glenn Roeder does not have the credibility or the apparent personal strength of character at any level (remember West Ham). Shearer would never risk his lifelong status as hero by taking a job he might well fail at. He's got his wealth, his image and status - why risk it? I'm sure he'll confirm that after he has stood as Roeder's right hand man for a couple of matches.
    Newcastle have got some bad publicity and Portsmouth must be fancing their chances in what is sure to be nervous circumstances.
    I can't see them getting anyone - it's become something like the England Manager's job.

    As for Allardyce, Jewell, O'Leary!!!!...... almost laughable (O'leary that is) but the other 2 have been extremely lucky and are tied up and I don't think are par for the job - they will get found out soon(ask david Moyes).

    My candidate would be Stuart Pearce but he seems to be a level headed man of his word and will see out his time at Man City.
    **I'll give a tip to anyone wanting to make money in Newcastle - start selling Staycalm relaxant tablets outside St James Park for the next few games- You'll make a fortune