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  • The strongest area Newcastle has is by far its midfield, so why is it we are being linked with TWO new midfield players? Surely we need to sort out strikers and defence first.

    Personaly i would love to see Newcastle sign Van Nistelroy, however will his ego let him goto a club like Newcastle, that currently is not in Europe?

    Also we can't expect 1 striker (ok one of the best in the league) to do the job of 2 men, we will still need somebody else. As loyal as Amiobi is to Newcastle, i personaly think he is only good enough as a back up to two other strikers.

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    • As an arsenal fan I'd just like to say I sympathise over the Owen issue and you right.. strikers are a priority for you guys.

      On the Beckham reports, I think some have done shepperd a disservice. Have you thought that David Beckham was not actually seen there, it was only Victoria and Freddie coming out of the hotel. Perhaps Freddie was showing that nothing is as attractive to a young female as a geordie and giving the area a boost while he sorts out the siginings etc.

      Good on you Freddie for realising that while the club is going through a bit of a difficult patch that it would be diverting to give people a bit of sexual tittle tattle to talk about.

    • Press reports that Beckham and Van Nistleroy may sign are pie in the sky, maybe Shepard has a cunning plan, and will try to buy the cream of A C MILAN and Uventus when they get relegated, FAT CHANCE, prepare for another dismal season

    • i think shepard wants beckham as bait. van nistelrooy is the worm, beckham is the fish, who in turn lures the sharks