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  • srvim srvim Aug 14, 2006 10:59 Flag

    stirker....but who??????

    Newcastle made the biggest blunder by selling Craig Bellamy.Definitely they need a striker with pace and skill.Someone like the Costa Rican striker, Wanchope.

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    • Unfortunately Bellamy went coz souness took the huff with him, a shame for us who paid to watch him, yes he talked his way into a lot of bookings, but i think Roeder would have done a good job with him, we definitely should have re-signed him. I think this Martins from Inter looks quite possible, and is Kuyt as good as made out to be ? Lets just hope we get someone who can do the job then join a fit Owen to form a strike force we so badly need.

    • Dirk Kuyt's name keeps popping up.

      We were interested in him before the World Cup, and since then other strikers have been muted as possible signings, ie: Tavano, Martins, Klose, Ashton, Defoe, etc.

      But apparently, we're still interested in Kuyt. So it would be no suprise to me - to see him end up at SJP.