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  • I reckon we made a big mistake in letting Lee Bowyer go. It would have been a much better idea to cash in on Keiron Dyer, and make a huge profit on a player who always seems to be injured. Even when he's fit, the only real thing he has to offer is his pace. Bowyer could tackle, pass, and also had an eye for goal - in my view a better all-round midfielder. Discuss...

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    • No top club in their right mind would buy him. 62,000 pounds a week for what?
      How long have we been waiting for him to deliver the goods?
      Offload him for free

    • definitely...and if no one wants him free him

      but what the hell you talking about lee bowyer...the mistake was not to let him go...but to buy him in the first place

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      • we didnt buy him we got him for free i think,when west ham went down....i could be wrong tho!!but i think we should get dyer fit give him a run in the shop window then let him go to the biggest bid,but if we sell him semi-fit we will lose our bollax agin on another player and we cant keep doing it last year we lost 10mill on larry,then we lost 7mill on hugo,then if you add the 17mill we paid for owen....well you can to the maths,its not good for business!!!

    • Yes - get rid! He's like the invisibla man most the time on the pitch (on the rare occassion he has played!)Just another spoilt brat who is more interested in the cash and the totty and only really cares about Football when international duty may call! The money we would save on his wages would be best used to bring someone in who actually gives a #$%$.

    • Agreed, Newcastle seem to have an abundance of midfielders at the moment and think that Dyer will struggle to get his place back, I think Roeders best midfield (with everyone fit of course) is going to be: Nobby, Emre, Scott Parker and Damien Duff. Now we just need someone to bang them in with the service coming from left and right wings, I still think with a decent run in the first team that Luque will silence a lot of his critics.