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  • I'm playing Devil's advocate here:

    Does anyone feel a bit sorry for Souness regarding what happened to him at Newcastle?

    Yes, he made some howlers in the transfer market. Boumsoung and Faye were just pathetic buys. Babayaro isn't producing anything like the form he displayed while he was at Chelsea, and the jury is still out on Luque.

    On the other hand, though, Michael Owen, Emre, Craig Moore and Scott Parker have all proved to be good signings for Newcastle.

    Poor old Graeme never got to send out what he considered to be his first choice team - mainly due to long term injuries.

    You get the feeling that his heart was in the right place, and he gave the impression of being an honest bloke. He obviously admired the Newcastle fans, as he spoke of this admiration many times, and was quoted as telling the players that if they didn't produce the goods on the pitch, then they didn't deserve to be playing for a club with such tremendous supporters.

    Whatever people thing regarding the Bellamy and Robert scenarios, Souness did exactly what he was told by Fat Freddy - to get rid of the disruptive influences in the dressing room. I think that a manager such as Alex Ferguson would have handled the situation completely differently, but nevertheless, Souness did what he was told on that front - albeit in his own way.

    If players such as Owen, Parker, Moore and Taylor had been constantly match-fit for the whole of his final season in-charge, does anyone think that the team would have been much higher up the league?

    I'm not trying to defend Souness, but I just want to see if everyone thinks he was terrible, or if there are some fans out there that just think he was desperatley unlucky.


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    • Well - I started this thread, so I guess I'll finish it.

      You may have thought I was a Souness fan after reading my earlier comments, but I was only playing Devil's advocate.

      I think that Souness was doomed before he started at Newcastle.

      I, along with many other fans, were taken completeley by suprise with his appointment as manager. His name hadn't even been in the frame.

      Immediatley, I was worried. Souness inherited a brilliant Liverpool side - and destroyed them. Souness inherited a decent Southampton side - and destroyed them. Blackburn were on the brink of relegation when he joined us from them. If we'd waited a couple of weeks for him, we wouldn't have had to pay Blackburn compensation for him because the whole world could see he was heading for the sack at Ewood Park!

      Look at how he handled the Craig Bellamy situation. It's clear to me that if any player has a disagreement with Souness, then that's it - the player is finished at that club. Souness did exactly the same thing to Dwight Yorke at Bluckburn, despite Yorke being the club's top scorer at the time.

      Look at Fergie at Man U. Eric Cantona kung fu kicked a fan, for Christ's sake!!! That's totally un-accepable behavior. But Ferguson could see how much Cantona was worth to the team, and so he managed the player correctly. You get the feeling that if it was Souness in charge, then Cantona would have been sent packing, no matter how he was performing on the park, or how popular he was with the fans.

      That was Souey's problem - he coudn't man-manage.

      Also, his tactics went out of fashion with flares and butterfly collars. He didn't realise that Newcastle fans like to see fast, flowing, direct, and entertaining football. Instead, we got crunching tackles and the occaisional long ball. Not nice to watch.

      I was the happiest man alive when I heard that Souness had been fired.

      Bobby Robson should never have been sacked in the first place. I think that Robson should have made Shearer his assistant, and I reckon that would have taken care of any disciplinary issues within the squad. But I suppose we will never know exactly what was going on behind the scenes at the club.

      Apparently, before Souness got the job, FS had interviewed Gordon Strachan for the job. Look what he's doing at Celtic! I bet Fat Fred's regreting that descision!

    • Greame Souness has never been a good manager.He removed the players that had pace and skillful .On the other hand he brought in hard players which made Newcastle a boring team.With the EPL is on is new decade of fast football ,Newcastle need players like Bellamy in the squad.First mistake they should not have bought a high profiled player like Kluivert when Shearer and Bellamy is in the squad.Since Kluivert was in ,Bellamy should not have been played out of position as he was the one scoring most of the goals and setting them up for Newcastle.

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      • Im sorry but I have to agree. Graeme has never been a good manager. His biggest problem is that he is not a terribly good tactician. He demands discipline from his players which he will struggle to get unless he has a team of Stevie G's or John Terrys or... Alan Shearer. But not all players like that. Bellamy for one. Also, its true about playing Bellamy out of position. He is obviously a striker, not a winger. Why would you put him on the wing when we have so many good options like Solano, Dyer and Milner.

        As a manager, you have to work with what you have got. A good manager can do wonders even with his reserves. Roeder didnt have a full squad towards the end of last season either but he did exceedingly well with what he did have. I think we need to back him 100%.