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  • think this is gonna get a bit of flack but #$%$ it!!
    im a bit disappointed we havent signed a centre half yet, hopefully we'll find a body tonight even if just a loan till jan window. when we can look at the better names floating round after teams have settled on their lineups

    as for strikers - who? and at what cost?

    martins will be a good buy at 10million im sure and i think the rossi loan is a good bit of business for all involved as it gives him the experience and we get a bit of cover till jan window along with the signing of Antoine sibierski, without us paying god knows how much for a striker that may well be surplus to needs if amoebi and martins do ok. this gives us options at least!!! which we didnt have

    to be honest, there just havent been any centre half of quality up for grabs, with the exception of woodgate (injury worries) and huth, who we maybe should have made firmer bids for last week.

    if we can nick bridge at the death, with cole moving at least its a beginning of getting a defence together.

    im sick of toon supporters rattling on about buying players, then #$%$ when we have em as being panic buys and slagging the team off for that.

    having another strikers in will mean luque can jump on the wing (his position) instead of planting the poor #$%$ as centre forward and expecting him to be able to do it.

    and all those #$%$ shouting for roeders head, get off his back ffs, you spent the closed season praising him for getting us into 7th spot, which from the position we were in and the team at the time was a minor miracle tbh.

    im glad he hasnt went out and spent stupid amouts of money on players that may or may not work, at least the guys thingking about who he buys instead of blowing many more millions on possible flops - a fatal floor of not just souness, but gullitt, dalgliesh and yes even sir bobby at times.

    so just get of the blokes back and support the team for once, jesus ur getting as fickle man utd fans

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    • lol, wouldnt surprise me, seems the sensible type, in bed for 10 on a weekday!

    • Just hope roeders not already tucked up in bed

    • yep, just up hes doing medical, likewise gallas. just hope it goes thru and we benefit.

    • Excellent post mate....I want Roeder to do well just think he's been slightly over cautious thats all & cost us some players...the POLE POSITION quote was obviously Woody,Huth,Gravesen....Rossi is great but shame its four months...the Milner thing today was damn right embarassing after he said he wanted to keep the young players at the club.
      i hope we get Bridge at the death & wanted a Centre Back that we as fans can see we need badly..but if not why is Bramble always in the team lately ahead of Taylor!!
      & i've been one thats said panic buys & if Siebieski isn't one, cos we really don't need more midfielders, then i don't know what is...i will be on my feet screaming & supporting him like all the other players...but it smells of 'JUST GET SOMEONE IN'
      Luque has been pretty good on the left when he's played there but won't get games as hes down the order behind Zog & Duff
      Martins will take time & we need Shola long term fit!!
      I won't ever give up on the lads & hope it all works out for the manager & players but lets hope after the next run of Away games..W Ham, Liverpool, ManUre...there ain't calls for his head & the merry go round starts again...No Flack, great post!!

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      • yep luque has got duff, zoggy ansd milner it seems to fight, but at least we have strength in depth now in those positions, as well as midfield. this is what we have been striving for.

        if we get bridge at least that one hole plugged in the leaky defence, and yep i agree taylor needs to be given his chance, hes gonna be a great player for us in years to come and he'd die for the club, which is what we need in a centre half - a definite captain for the future after parker

      • your all living in dream land mag fans should be sick of putting up with shit season in season out this is off sky sports oh great wat a fantastic player he is.

        Newcastle United have brought in Antoine Sibierski from Manchester City.

        Sibierski has signed a one-year contract at St James' Park after The Magpies agreed to pay an undisclosed fee.

        The Frenchman had been tipped to leave City after failing to figure under Stuart Pearce this season.

        Everton appeared keen on the 32-year-old, while reports suggested Pearce wanted to offer him as a sweetener for Birmingham City midfielder David Dunn.

        But Sibierski has now headed for the North East after being handed a 12-month deal by Newcastle boss Glenn Roeder.

        Sibierski, who can play in midfield or further forward, joined City in a £700,000 deal from Lens three years ago.

        He made 107 appearances for the club, scoring 15 goals, but will now continue his Premiership career with The Magpies, who can offer European football this term.

        I have been going to see NUFC for years now not as old as some but I watched them go down to the old 2nd div and almost to the old 3rd and I'm not just a stay at home support I go home and away including europe - I am sick to death of the crap we put up with it's time to say enough is enough - I'm all for a take over if it gets us where we should be.

    • I have to agree with yah on almost all of what your saying. All this talk about GR wont be here at end of season lets give him a chance, we have the transfer window later on so loans will be good till then. Martins and Rossi will do well given time, the same for luque we never give players time to settle and become their best. Look at how long NZoggy took, it does come over night.

      The only thing I am well disappointed about is perhaps we could have done with another striker, just for cover and a little edge, but main concern is defence, huth and woodgate missed out on coupled with what we got would have sured us up. But so far nothing, midfield is already one of the best why we keep hearing about buys there I will never know.

      We had a bad game against Villa lets get behind gr and the team and I think they will do well.

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      • really dont think the centre half position could be helped, love woodgate, but it would have gutted me to take him back and then break down again.

        huth was a better target, but maybe it all boils down to wages, he may have been demanding a monster wage and GR just thought it too much. gibson is subsidising boro out of his own pocket, which is fair play of him, but anothewr monster salary on our books when we could pick up someone better and cheaper in jan is maybe his thinking?

        as for strikers, i think we'll be ok with martins, rossi and hopefully shola for the time being. then pick up some disgruntled goal machine in january for a snip plus sibierski can play the big man role up front, strong in the air and hard as nails