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    It's time..

    I think it's time to sack Glenn Roeder. I watched the game today against Bolton and turned off my TV right after they conceeded 2 goals within a minute. Moment of disappoinments

    1. Newcastle is now playing some boring football. direct pass from defender to the other end of the field, bringing balls up using winger and cross blindly to the center of the penalty box. What the hell man, this is not the kind of football you play for this century.

    2. Glenn does not even know how to make use of duff, parker, emre and even martins from what i see. Don't give me that #$%$ saying that they turned bad after they come to newcastle.

    3. Bramble and Amoebi should definately go. Yes, no doubt Amoebi scored but the ratio for him compare to other striker maybe 1 to 3? He looses balls too easily and he needs like 10 good chances to maybe score 2?

    4. we bought in skillful players but the style of football we play is just plain physical and hope for luck to come in just to win the game.

    Sorry if i offended anyone, but as a supporter who supports newcastle since like 10 years ago. I am extremely furious about the way newcastle is right now.

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    • I have supported newcsatsle since before keegan and my grandftaher was a lifetime suporter.

      I think everything in here your saying is mostly correct (ameobi ain;t that bad though), and i stated a long time ago here on the forum we should have got martin o'neil (why did freddie shepperd not get that right(is he retarded actually don;t answer that question), roeder is a good assitant but that's it) look what o'neil has done with Villa "they have hardly any skillful players and on paper are #$%$" but look how they play and the resukts they have carved out. Newcastle play with no heart and no ummmph! It is at the moment quite embarrssing to be a newcastle supporter at the moment espeically living in London.

      Since Bobby Robson got sacked, Newcastle have been going through the post keegan syndrome of playing bad football.

      To be honest the manger can only do so much aswell, some players are not performing on all cylinders, but a few problems we have are the following

      1. We have never had a decent defence ever really....but instead of buying more wingers and strikers let's get the defence sorted out...bramble (lacks concentration)...stephen carr (?) babyaro (?...probably one of the worst signings for the club has ever done)

      We need Mathew Upson from birmingham, lucas neil from blackburn or soem very expereinced defender from Europe.

      2. we need to have people wanting to play for the club, luque a waste of money and time, mliner is unhappy get rid of him for the money we bought him for though £5 million, infatc if villa want him we'll have gareth barry, if not #$%$ off

      3. Martins never played well for inter milan, so why did we buy him, he doesn't link up to players well and the only skill he has is pace....great that'll win games.

      4. We need to play well in europe, if we don;t we willstruggle to get players for next year...please roeder don't let our defence f*Ck this up...plus with dyer and michael owen back next year we will have a decent side next year so we need to play tight and as affecitbv as possible

      Last of all....we need to pay well otherwise i can see emre leaving..he is playing well...and roeder cliasm he won;t go but bayern munich might not be a bad option for him...so for gods sake to the players play well otherwise we will lose our good players

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      • Roeder is probably going nowhere and to be fair he has only made two major #$%$ ups in the transfer market so far - the sale of Chopra and missing out on Sol Campbell. Martins is an out and out pace man - this could pay off (probably) in UEFA but not neccesarily in the EPL. Missing Dyer and Owen is a big blow. As for the back - I can distinctly remember both Babayaro and Carr being first class on occasion - but they are far too inconsistent and need replacing. Bramble has all of the makings of a good centre half technically - but if you cant concentrate for 90 mins then there is nowhere to go but the reserves, for now. (Remember when he played alongside Woody he looked like a proper centre half) As for mounting any serious challenge for silverware we need five players - a world class centre half (look to Bundesliga or Eredivisie)as the Germand and Dutch leagues are similar to our own. We also need a top class left back (W Bridge?) and an up and coming right back (any suggestions?) to put Carr under serious pressure for his place. We need a ball playing/holding striker (Dean Ashton, anyone?) and a creative midfielder who can unpick teams with the killer pass (Emre sems to be too inconsistent in this role as well). At the moment we have a first team that would pick itself if fully fit :

        Carr Taylor Moore Bernard
        Solano Dyer Duff
        Owen Martins


        I wonder if Luque will be given another chance - he sems to be scoring in the reserves at last. As for the rest - Milner wants to go so sell him - Solano, Dyer or Pattison can do right side of MF, depending on who we are up against. Just to let you all know I have been a Toon fan for as long as I can remember, and all I can remember is losing finals and runners up positions (I was born in 66 and was too young to remember '69) Still - it makes being an England fan easier to bear.....

      • Matthew Upson would be one of the worst choices I could think of. He's almost as injury prone as Dyer for gods sake. We need players who are going to play 30+ games in a season. Neill and Bridge would be good but let's face it who will they pick the likes of Liverpool in the Champions league and at the top or Newcastle, possibly still in the UEFA cup and struggling???? Roeder said he didn't want Campbell as it was going to prevent Taylor getting in the team so why is Taylor on the bench behind Shitus Bramble????? The defense for me would have to be Taylor at rb Moore and Ramage in the centre and Bernard at LB when he gets fit Carr and Bramble aren't worthy of the shirts they wear. I don't think sacking Roeder would be the right option but I don't think he's the man for the job. Last Season he had no pressure, he took over a sinking ship from Souness that, lets face it couldn't get much worse and took each game as though it was his last. Martin O'Neill, although he's doing a great job at Villa, is a mackem and I doubt whether or not he'd have the same enthusiasm with us. I don't personally see the problem with Freddy Shepherd, although he is a #$%$ year after year he backs his managers, look at the money he's allowed us to spend only for managers to waste it on potentially great players (Viana) or just plain #$%$ (Boumsong). When you consider we could have had Ashton for £6m and Dawson at Spurs for £3 yet we pay £10 for Luque and £8 for Boumsong, double the money!!!!!!!! what exactly are the scouting staff paid to do??? Also Campbell free in the summer and Glen Johnson on loan why did we miss these opportunities????

    • I`m not sure sacking Glen Roeder will solve any problems at Newcastle. The people that needs sacking is our defence none of them are anygood. This has been our main problem since the mid 90`s and apart from buying Woodgate we`ve never bought a decent defender. We never seen to buy the right players. The majority of the defenders we`ve bought would never get into a Liverpool or Chelsea team. If they are not good enough for them why do we buy them? I`ve followed the Toon all my life and the way things are going we will not win anything in my lifetime! (i hope i`m wrong!)
      The other problem is that we`ve got players at the club who just could not care about the club and what an honour it is to pull the black and white shirt on! The only way we will ever get rid of these players is if we got relegated. Then we would see who really care`s about the club. I suspect most of the forigners would be gone and mabye one or two more faces. I can only wish for a team full of 11 geordie`s! Then we`ll see some really passion for the club!

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      • Finishing 7th last season was a curse as well as a blessing for Glenn, as now everyone expects the transition period we needed after Souness to have already happened. No. I've questioned him on numerous occasions so far, non more so than the Man U game, but ultimately we're not just going to solve big underlying problems straight away. Saying that, why we didn't bring in Sol is still an utter mystery to me...

    • i think roeder is doing a very good job, considering the #$%$ he has at his disposal!
      hope your 1800(!!!!) fans have a long journey home next sunday

    • Who in the current Newcastle team actually wants to play??!!!
      I mean did you check out Steven Carr when he lost that header to Anelka? No effort to chase him down and get in a tackle, and Anelka sets up the goal.
      And as for Titus Bramble! What a waste of space on the park! Why even bother turning up!
      Where's the passion that the fans feel and deserve?
      Glen Roeder, it's time for you to go if you can't get the team to feel that passion and desire in every NUFC Fan!

    • very quiet in here,where are all these loyal supporters

    • it's bloody funny watching you guys.roeder is a tactical genius