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  • CLAIRE W CLAIRE W Dec 14, 2006 23:50 Flag

    January transfer window (4 Toon)

    Nothing much happens in Jan tran window but for Newcastle somethins got to.The squad seems to get smaller thru injury every time we play and its not a big squad anyway.We are still in uefa cup and at wrong end of table,this Jan tran window has got to be used fruitfully by us if we are to perform well enough to make progress. Replys and Ideas anyone??

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    • right, a few things

      a) gareth bale, abso-friggin'-lutely, i'd love him at sjp, but there are other big clubs looking at him, and seeing as him and walcott are friends, i wouldn't be surprised if he ended up at the emirates

      b) giles barnes, not actually heard of him, but 'll keep an eye out for him now. only problem with him is that he's an offensive midfield player and we've got sibierski atm, so i'd see barnes as a replacement for when sibierki leaves/retires

      c) titus shambles, aaaaaaaahahahaha i'd love it if fulham gave us money for him. i think i'd be tempted to give fulham money, just so they'd take him off our hands.

      i dont know which is funnier, fulham offering us money for shambles or juve giving us money for boumsong.

    • any of these? huntelaar,neill,upson,nugent,bridge,crouch,gera,or perhaps some more from europe?

    • we need to go from so expience player like luce from blackburn rovers and a good forward like andy cole

    • until freddy & co pull thier fingers out over takeover
      &get some funds!we wont be in the running for decent new blood!!!!!

    • From an outside point of view I've got a few suggestions.

      Starting at the back
      Curtis Davies

      You're pretty strong here but if you could somehow get Wright Phillips to follow Parker and Duff you'd be laughing.

      Don't think we're gonna see Owen this season so you may need someone. I'd suggest
      Smith (Loan)


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      • about a week ago jose mourinho was talking about get a reserve chelsea team into the lower divisions a la real madrid. is it just me, or does anyone else think that that's what we are?:S parker babyaro and duff are here already, and rumours flying around of wright-phillips, shevchenko and bridge joining in january. not that this is a bad thing, 'cause it's not like chelsea but rubbish players, but it'd be a bit sad knowing we got chelsea's cast-offs.

        anyway, i think curtis davies would be an awesome addition to our defence, the price tag might be a little higher (not sure where wba are in the league but if its out of the top ten i'm sure a few clubs'd be looking at him.
        i don't think we've got much chance of getting lucas neill, not when we're in a similar predicament to blackburn as it is, and barca and liverpool are sniffing around.
        o shea and silvestre are other players i'd like to see join, just a question of getting them here.

        in attack, klose would be magic, but again there are bigger clubs sniffing around (barca, man usa etc).
        also, i still don't understand why we don't play rossi more either, i know it's a common complaint from fans but it's totally valid. could play him more and see if we can get him for the rest of the season or more.

        bent is too similar to martins imo and there wouldn't be much point forking out 15mil+ to get a carbon copy player.

        [edit before i post: had a bit of a rethink. imagine. dyer, the zog, martins and bent.... that'd be really good for playing counter attack to teams like chelski, or just generally. i don't think a defence, for example like bolton's would be able to cope with that]

        doyle seems like a bit of a risk atm, maybe wait 'til the end of the season? see how he's done by then (another idea is see how dave kitson turns out when he's back to full fitness, he tore up defences for fun last year). i also don't think man usa would let us have smith after what happened to rossi this year.

      • rate Upson,Silvestre and Bridge also Alan Smith thanx.