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  • ROBERT ROBERT Dec 22, 2006 09:37 Flag

    january window

    unfortunately i fear there won't be much happening for us in the january window because mr's shepherd and hall are to busy lining their own pockets to worry about us poor fans and the team.sooner their gone the better.

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    • i personaly think sheppard is worrying his gonna loose all his stake in the club to the belgravia group and he will then have no control over what is said and done to be honest

    • Newcastle need a steady centre back to play along side Steven Taylor. Peter Rummage is not good enough.If Newcastle want to further climb up the ladder they must get a world class centre back and a good second keeper if Shay Given is injured.

    • It is better to stay out of the transfer window , than go and buy Crouch.... he may score goals but cannot play football , we need 11 players on the pitch not 10 , anyway Addidas dont make Toon shirts with arms that long....

    • Ok as a liverpool fan your probably wondering what on earth im doing here? Well ill tell you,i have always had a soft spot for newcastle.its a great team with good fans who dont go on about #$%$ regarding who won what and "yeah ya #$%$ we beat u " kinda #$%$I just hope you lot get behind your team without any booing and get behind your manager because as for last season he proved that he was worthy of your support.im certain one day you lot will be back in the lime light and start winning silverware all over again.stick behind your team through thick and thin and im sure the players will repay you.
      p.s after being so nice to you lot can we have owen back now ...no well just thought id try..anyways good luck lads and merry christmas and a happy new year

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      • The other problem we have with the board is their habit of giving managers a big pot of money in the summer, then sacking them a few games into the season. The incoming manager can't prepare for a new season and bring in his own players and is stuck with expensive flops. It's happened time after time - it takes a whole season for the team to recover. So they've spent enough money over the years, but they haven't spent it well. They've thrown most of it away.

    • Why do certain so called fans of our club have it in for the chairman?Is he not a geordie,has he given various managers over the years millions to spend?I challenge anyone to come up with concrete criticsm about Freddie Shepard .... replys??

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      • you just answered your own question,he has thrown millions of the fans money down the swany by giving it to the likes of pooness and co...count how many players we have sold on and made a profit out of to replenish back into the team,you might be able to count them on one hand,now count the amount of players we have lost big on,you would run out of fingers and toes,all this had a big knock on the team which had a big knock on the fans....and why all cause old slap head fred made a bad choice...and thats only the football side why people have it in for him...not remember the #$%$ in the paper slagging big al and the lovely women in newcastle....il stop now.

    • im a chelsea fan and id quite like it if you took shaun wright phillips off our hands- hed be beter with you as hed get more first team football. oh and good look on saturday, my family hate everton lol (soz 4 knocking ya out the cup!!)

    • A sports column this week said roeder was going to talk to shephard the next day about players he wants, This should have been done early December, and feelers put out to the clubs about the possibity of signing the players. Last May?June Roeder said he had spoken to shephard about 5 players, then silence, other clubs seem to act much quicker, why do we go about it so doozally.
      The fans talk about getting Klose, #$%$ Phillips, Bridge, Shevchenk ETC, but why should they sign for a struggling team?