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    Toon Take Over - Good or Bad News ??

    What do toon fans think of Freddy Shephard - is it time he was held to account for his poor leadship and hopeless selection of managers. What can we expect from new owners who may not be Geordies - do we need business men or fans running the club?

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    • unless you've all got very short memories, you should remember what freddie shepherd thinks of his own fans and the local women, back when sir john hall was in charge. freddie shepherd is a boil on the backside of newcastle united, and i for one would be delighted to see any forward thinking, ambitious buyers take control of our club from that fat bigot. freddie's a businessman too, just as much as anyone else, and he just doesn't have the resources to make us a top 4 club, so its time he stood aside.

    • i personnaly think its a good idea i think shepard has gone stale and doesnt give a #$%$ about the club anymore jsut making money we need some fresh blood to sort this #$%$ out...

    • I don't think much of the two groups that have shown an interest in the club.

      I get a sinking feeling that they will sell off the clubs assets for profit and see us become third division has beens.

      I would much sooner see someone who is already wealthy and doesn't need to make a consortium to raise the funds. But lets face it, despite all his faults, we can't accuse Freddy of being tight with the purse strings - he seems to want to take Newcastle in the right direction.