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  • alright at the back:

    van den borre: plays for anderlecht, full back or centre half. young and decent by looks of things. tottenhma looking at him, so cant be too bad.

    Lauren: by all reports wenger is looking to sell lauren before his contract is up. decent, solid reliable full back, proven prem and european quality. for about £1m. bargain, IF hed join newcastle

    Upson: again a fairly decent, proven prem player. problem is there would be a bidding war, and we dont want to pay over the odds for a good, not brilliant, player.

    Jagielka: ok, a bit of a utilty man, but i think hes doen well his first season. plays anywhere, whihc is good for our injury ravaged side, maybe too expensive, which is bad.

    Anton Ferdinand: hes been abit #$%$ this year, but was good last year. west ham need cash to rebuild side quickly, so a decent bid might see them be willing to sell. if gr could get his confidence up and motivate him, we could see him back to his best.

    up front:

    Collins John: always seems to do well for fulham. scores his share of goals, still only young, pretty good at holding things up and making chances. bit of an investment, but i think gr would see rapid returns.

    Pandev: plays for Lazio, will be very expensive, but plays just off front man, in a bergkamp/beardlsey type of role. if you saw him against england a while back, you'll know why i suggest him.

    Ronaldo: hear this out: apparently some saudi club is looking to buy him. we could take him on loan, maybe giving luque in return, then swap at end of season if he looks good. he might be fat, not as good as he used to be, and not worth his exorbitant wages, but think of teh boost to the rest of the team and the fans. think about, Ronaldo at the toon... and with a bit of help from sir bobby, it could happen...

    please feel free to criticise my ideas. we will never advance without debate...