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  • ROBERT ROBERT Jan 12, 2007 02:56 Flag

    beware of belgravia

    hall has financial problems he wants out quickly. belgravia are an asset stripping company. ask severral thousand telephone workers in spain that were left pennyless.i fear for nufc if shepherd is the geordie he says he is it is now time for him to act.stand up freddie and be counted in the cold light of day douglas hall has not done you any real favours (but has caused you many embarressmants}.save the toon freddie.

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    • Totally agree! But at the same time Fred's doing his best to hold them at bay.In my opinion the bloke's got a lot of knives ready to go into his back, some of the fans ( fair enough,they've got the club at heart & are entitled to their opinion, )but I don't think they realise what damage fat cats, make money at any cost no matter who it hurts companies,( Belgravia?? )can do. Is 2007 destined to be the year of the long knives for Freddie ( and the Toon! ) I sincerely hope not.