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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 24, 2007 20:58 Flag

    Is thundernuts 2001 Jade??

    no pet its you.they call women in the ne pet dont they?like pet dog.now you and your pitbull go back to your scabby little terrace in scumville

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    • I wuz born in Whitechapel. Ahm a Laarndanar in't oi! Me awld Mam lavz me an me dear awld grandad. Ahm arrd az me innit? We hah! Pitiful tool. (Have you actually been to Newcastle? If not please dont. Dont get me wrong Southern or not doesnt matter to me, but you're just a bit of a tit really arent you)

      I dont very much care whether you were born with a Diamond #$%$ up your #$%$ in a Pleasuredome in #$%$ 'Timbucktoo'.
      You live/exist in Wrexham and were born in a dreary part of London whose main claim to fame is a bloke who ran around dragging women into dark lanes then tearing them open and viciously killing them (rather nastily too I might add). I suppose it's one way to get their attention. Hardly civilised though wouldnt you say? Whats wrong with just asking them if you can by them a drink? Tch Southerners I dont know...

    • First of all im a man all of 43,i share email address with my stepdaughter,secondly i live in Sheffield and thirdly stop the childish messages before you upset someone who may have issues similar to the ones you seem to have.

    • Dear Anthony,

      'Pet' means 'Petal' as in 'Flower Petal'. Please at least do some research before sending your wry off-kilter intelligent yarns and witicisms which would make a vicar mere blush ya crazy wee fellow me lad.

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      • The name thundernuts explains it all. (full sacks)
        Hes so stupid and #$%$ ugly he just cannot get laid which explains the reason hes so angry at the world in general.
        So to comfort himself he tosses off to replys in a football forum and gets so excited he posts such #$%$ at the height of orgasm.
        Sexual frustration ive heard is one of the worst forms of depression so i suggest he goes and take a few (hundred) anti depressants and gets himself a nice bottle of single malt and wither away from our forum.