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  • Andrew Andrew Mar 2, 2007 02:18 Flag

    Hats of to Diouf??????

    While the F.A are trying very hard to build a solid case against Emre, and the media circus surrounding the story like flys around #$%$ enerybody seems to be jumping on the band wagon and or jumping to conclusion.

    However a certain boo boy regular to S.J.P has come good for Emre that was missed on t.v and national newspapers.

    The F.A must be interviewing every ethnic minority Emre has come into contact with since arriving at S.J.P.
    But contrary to belief Diouf has declined to join the witch hunt.

    From the BBC, Thursday:
    "The FA wrote to Bangura and Diouf to ask for a statements," said a Football Association statement.

    "El-Hadji Diouf has responded and confirmed he does not want to pursue the matter.

    "Al Bangura has responded with a statement and further investigations will now be made."

    So hats off to the man with the filthy habbit maybe we should give him a round of applause when he next plays against us??????????.

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    • why on earth would he say emre abused him in the first place if he wasn't going to follow it up?

      in my eyes, diouf has been asked to put his money where his mouth is and then got cold feet, and anyone who falsely claims racial abuse to get an opponent in trouble is just as bad as the racists.