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  • Ken728P Ken728P Mar 9, 2007 15:25 Flag

    All the best...

    One more point, if a penalty is given as a result of deliberate hand ball why didn't he yellow card Taylor??

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    • Personally, I think that was a rediculous decision. I mean, look at how hard he tries to keep his arms close to his body, stand tall and close down the attacking player without turning his back. As a coach, I would applaud that sort of bravery as he didnt even attempt to move his hands in front of his face which would block his view of the ball. If he has his hands flailing around in the air, maybe I would understand the decision but he did everything right. He was only about 2 meters away when the ball was thumped directly at him.

      Look at the ref's previous decisions to allow play to go on with people getting shoved from behind. I dont mind that too much as he gave the decisions to both sides but as a ref you need some consistency. Im not bitter obviously as we are in a much better position than Alkmaar but I just didnt agree with that.