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    Roeder v Allerdyce speculation

    Ok, it seems we are in serious danger of finding ourselves YET AGAIN at the hands of one greedy incompetent chairman his royal fatness Shepherd. The pattern of misery that has been bourne out over the last ten years going back to Dalgish is two crucial factors;

    1 - Poor manager selection. Fault - Shepherd

    2 - Once the manager is given the position he is given a load of cash to change the team he inherits to a 'better' and more importantly 'HIS' (the managers) team. Only this transition takes TIME (you listening fat boy). If TIME is not given then the transition is left incomplete. The turning point of this transition may encounter a lull in performance to be expected BUT the manager should only be booted out IF he has HIS full team performing and thus no excuses for failure can be talked of. Shepherd always want to much too soon without giving the managers time to nurture THEIR team. While Shephard is in charge I fear we will always have a revolving door policy of managers coming in, inheriting another managers team, TRYING to make changes for the long term, and then replaced before those changes can cmoe to fruition.

    Allderyce DOES NOT suit Newcastle's style. He likes a packed defence, plays on the counter wth lots of long balls, it's ugly to watch dull and boring. The soul of NUFC is based on a desire for exciting football which is a joy to watch. We should NEVER sell our souls in exchange for results. NO ONE wants to turn up at SJP to watch boring football, no one.

    So lets get back to point 1. Wrong managers? Fault. Shepherd. Answer, Sack the Chairman, then we can really have a street party in the toon

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    • Just to confuse matters further, I hear that a certain Mr. Shearer is being lined up by fat Fred.

    • One thing that cannot ever be questionned is the passion and the desire that exists on Tyneside.

      Yet you lot are sometimes the most difficult people to figure out. You have a chairman that has supported his managers financially like no other over the years, yet he seems to be universally loathed.

      You are being linked with one of the most highly respected and passionate managers in the English game, but, if the posts on this board are anything to go by, there is only a lukewarm feeling for Allardyce. Too much like Bolton ? Well, looking at the league table, if I were you, I'd want to be a little bit like Bolton.

      I am not a NUFC fan. My allegiance is to another United. A club who appointed a manager in 1986, and then stuck by him when all the supporters had lost faith, as the team suffered and struggled to play the type of football that we believed was our soul. No trophies for 4 years, everyone wanted him out. 21 years on, we have seen, with 20 trophies, the fruits of having a board who sees the bigger picture.

      You love your club, and you are seen as amongst the most passionate in the world. You do deserve better than what you have had. But you also need to see the bigger picture. This bigger picture involves letting an Allardyce have time to firstly stop the rot. Secondly secure a base, youth level onwards. Then....start to move forward. The club must be put on a solid foundation from top to bottom. Some short term pride will need to be swallowed for long term gain.

      I think Allardyce is your man. Who else is there ?

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      • I REALLY REALLY hate to say it but we need someone like Keane - Sunderland were all set for a Leeds United before he took over.

        We have enough talent in the club to stop going down but there is a deep rot in the dressing room which is either the fault of one or two players or the training staff. Sunderland had this exact same rot before Keane took over.

        A classic example is Martins - he came to the club and you could see he was trying his heart out and was frustrated by the lack of chances - by the end of the season he was as laxidaisical as the rest of them. It is like a company where the staff just don't have any passion for their job and keep taking sickies rather than working.

        We need someone who is going to inject the team with passion again or just cut out the rot no matter how big the name is. Keane can cut out the rot while someone like Keegan can inject the team with the passion it needs. So we need someone with both characteristics or at least one of those. Even someone like Klinsman might be able to pull it off - after all he pulled Germany back up, has passion and can cut the rot.

        I don't think Allerdyce is going to be the man for the job but an ex-Man U player might be able to work some of the Ferguson management they learnt while under him.

    • I seem to recall Kevin Bond being 'released' of his duties from the club after the documentary into 'bungs' being exposed.
      I think sam Allerdyce would do a fantastic job for the our club (albeit a slightly more regimented style of playing), however Allerdyce is riddled with speculation and enquiry into his alleged involvement into agent bungs.
      How would this fare with the clubs stance in relation to how it handled kevin Bond?

    • The soul of NUFC was based on a desire for exciting fast flowing football. Sadly, those times appear (at least for the time being) to be behind us. Myself personally, I'd much rather watch the 'boring' styles of Sam Allardyce from the comfortable heights of the UEFA cup spots, then watch Roeder struggle on bravely and try to playing attacking football whilst languishing in the doldrums of mid table.

      I like Glenn Roeder, he seems like a canny bloke, but the fact of the matter is, he is not the man for NUFC.

      Also, considering our defence seems to be non-existant at times, perhaps Allardyces passion for a packed defence would be a welcome change.

    • Well it neither manager for me get some one in who can give us a battle on the pitch and wear them black n white stripes with pride not like half the no hopers we have at the min yip i totally agree that its time the shep got his fat #$%$ out of the chair and moved on the #$%$ will be comin to sjp next season must win game so mr roeder if you are to stay then put some fight back in our team or leave now !!!!!!