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    Eriksson, Please

    The biggest change at SJP over the past few years is that the fans are not being entertained anymore. Back in 2002 under Sir Bobby we didn't win anything but there were some great games and a decent shot at the title.
    This will not happen again under Allardyce. We've all seen how Bolton play and not many want that at Newcastle, even if we end up 7th instead of 12th in the league.
    I'd love to see Mourinho or Wenger take over but that is not going to happen.
    The best talent on the "available" list is Sven-Göran Eriksson. He is the only coach to have won the Double (league and cup) in three different countries, Sweden, Portugal and Italy. He also won the UEFA Cup with IFK Göteborg, and took Benfica to the European Cup Final. He also did better than many give him credit for as England manager. England were at an all-time low after Euro 2000, many thought we couldn't even qualify for the next World Cup. Erikson took over and got us to 3 consecutive quarter finals - Japan 2002, Portugal 2004, Germany 2006. OK it ended in disappointment but on balance I think he did a good job.
    I have a gut feeling Newcastle would win something with Eriksson in charge.

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    • I don't know why there isn't more support for Eriksson as Newcastle manager.
      Forget that he was England manager.
      He is one of the most sucessful club managers of all time.
      That's what matters!!
      The Newcastle board should be begging for Eriksson to come for a job interview.
      I really don't understand why Alan Oliver (local sports writer) decribes him as a "non-starter" (????)

      I know, I know, it doesn't matter anyhow what we think. Allardyce will be appointed next week.

      Fans should hold-off buying season tickets if they are not happy with that.

    • Have you ever been to Newcastle?

      It has magnificant architecture, and enough surrounding countryside to represent every single bit of Britain, from Scotland to Dover. It has more castles than anywhere in Britain, ancient religious sites, and some of the best Roman remains in the country - if history takes your fancy. It has both traditional and modern art museums and a science museum, with an Oriental museum that puts the National Museum's collection to shame just down the road at Durham... if that kind of thing takes your fancy. Served by an international airport and the East Coast mainline with easy access to Scotland and the Lakes. Is close to the sea with some of Britain's longest and finest beaches. It is also not a major terrorist target in the UK, has less stabbings than London, and hence a lot safer than London.

      Oh, and the North East produces some of the country's finest football players - Chris Waddle, Gazza, Shearer, Beardsley, Jackie and Bobbie Charlton etc etc.

      London on the other hand is just an urban sprawl with limited good architecture. The only thing going for London is the variety of international cuisine and shops - While Newcastle has a good Chinese and Indian community, it is not as large or as various as the number of foreigners living in London.

    • Eriksson lacks passion and up here we need that in a manager.

      Allardyce may not have had pretty football being played at bolton but he got the job done and with near as makes no difference no money at all. Imagine what he can do with a few quid.

      Eriksson does have an impressive CV but i think we need a man who can command a bit of respect from his players.

      I'd take not that pretty but in Europe and challenging for champs league (which bolton were for much if the season) over horrendus looking football (which we've played this season and England played a lot of the time under Eriksson) and 13th in the Prem any day.

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      • At the end of the day the manager is not that important. What we need is for the Keegan rules of the pitch to be implemented once again.

        That is:

        If you are injured or doing a #$%$ job, someone takes your place. If that person is doing a good job, no matter how big your name is, then you sit on the bench until that person is injured. Any big name complaining gets transferred - we don't need someone who spends 2 seasons on the sick and then fails to deliver on the pitch.

        By doing this we will get more out of the players because they don't want to be injured or benched - the younger/second team players will play their hearts out because they want to keep their spots and keep the big names on the bench at their expense. We will half our sick list and double the passion on the pitch.

    • On that argument what about Houllier?

      Houllier has just led Lyon to their sixth successive French title, and his second in the two years since he took charge.

      The club currently enjoy a 19-point lead over second-placed Lens with three games still to play.

      Houllier made his mark in England during a six-year stint at Liverpool, where he won the FA, League and UEFA Cups in 2001, and followed that up by lifting the Charity Shield and European Super Cup the following season.

    • because it means living in and around newcastle, its a dump,, all the good players wanna be south, london etc,, same as the managers,, theres no pressure at sjp, what do you expect if you have souness or roeder as manager,

    • It was a pity 2 see roeder go, i was a fan and i believe that dat giving another couple of years he wud of achieved something...
      i now hope that big sam gets appointed he gets big performances out of average player,builds a graet team spirits and with the rite players wud surely play the type of football we al want to see..
      if the clown Eriksson get hired it wud be a disaster look how bad he did wit england with some of the finest player in europe...he a useless excuse of a manager...

    • point taken to a degree, but how many managers are you going to have and then not give them a fair crack of the whip. to be honest i've never really rated roeder, he doesn't seem strong enough, personal circumstances aside. but surely someone has got to be given the chance to build a successful squad over 2 if not 3 seasons. Just because you have a big stadium and fan-base it doesn't give you the god given right to success, which is the impression that a fair few mags fans give! success has to be earned.
      all that said, i wish you all the best for next season because your club has class, if nothing else at the moment.

    • Tell u what, if you really want to screw your club up, get that ex villa #$%$ O'leary in!!!!! Seriously though, there has got to be someone out there who can take the mags forward. but it's looking increasingly like it's going to be big sam.............no more entertaining football at st james then!!!

    • Ahhhh, the voice of reason! Tell you what Sir Bumnose, or whatever your name is, take your witty banter, along with your asbo and your electronic tag, and go to watch Sunderland you Neanderthal. All the smart Geordies on here would welcome that.

    • what's that then? the inter toto? lol, big club my #$%$

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