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  • Ian Aitchison Ian Aitchison May 8, 2007 17:11 Flag

    So, was it already set up then?

    Fat Sam quits Bolton a couple of weeks prior to Roeder "handing in his notice."
    Hmmm......a few would say that this was already cut and dried a couple of weeks ago, maybe they would be right.

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    • I think you could be right mate. Is this not the way the fat cod (Freddy) and the board do business???
      Now Glenn is away is this not now time to look at getting rid of the really mess Newcastle have (Freddy).

    • Of course it was all set up,most transfers are be it manager or player. Granted Allardyce has a pending enquiry hanging over him but that won't make any difference he will still be appointed manager.Shepherd's main aim is to stop the rot, and if that means boring performances under Allardyce but a european challenge possible ,then so be it.you could do worse.As for Roeder he's gone into the meeting been put up against the wall, and a gun put to his head simple as that ,but we'll say in our press statement that we have accepted your resignation ,not reluctantly mind you that would really have been taking the #$%$.Glen has gone very meekly like the man he is, he was just grateful to Shepherd anyway for giving him the job in the first place so he's not going to rock the boat or slag Freddie off, a years salary has seen to that. So once the dust and the natives have settled, Freddie will look back on another bit of buisness well done ,the man ia a buffoon who cannot get it right and until he is removed you will continue down the same well trodden path.he like most chairman continually insult the intelligence of the supporter , most chairman not all --but that's another story,

    • Thats a terrible slur especially with our board & 'Big Sams' whiter than white credentials!

    • yep, defo set up about a month ago, probs set up as soon as newcastle went out of uefa cup